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Air Burkina About Air Burkina

In the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, the airline with its current name Air Burkina started its air traffic as a joint venture Air Volta in 1967. The founding members of the joint venture were the Burkinabe government, the French airline Union de Transports Aériens and some private investors. The airline first flights are domestic and link Ouagadougou to Dori, Bobo-Dioulasso and Gorom-Gorom. Until 1978, Air Burkina only flew with rented aircraft, but received its first aircraft of its own with the EmbraerEMB 110. With the purchase of a new Fokker F-28, she further expanded her fleet and was thus able to serve new destinations.

After the Sankarist revolution, named after the officer Thomas Sankara, in 1983, the airline was largely nationalized. As a result of the revolution, the country was renamed from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso and the airline was also given a new name with Air Burkina. Air Burkina did not manage to establish itself successfully in the market on its own and the debt burden grew steadily. For several years, the company developed by opening new routes (notably to Libreville) and by signing codeshare agreements (with ASKY Airlines and Air France).

In 2010, Air Burkina obtained its IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certification. It is the first French-speaking company in West and Central Africa to receive it. In 2017, the future of the company is threatened by the cessation of management of the company by Agha Khan for the benefit of the Burkinabé government. However, the company continues to develop by trying to open up to other African countries. Air Burkina does not offer its passengers a frequent flyer program and is not a member of an alliance.

Air Burkina Hub Airports

Ouagadougou Airport (OUA / DFFD)

Air Burkina Classes of Service

Passengers can choose from two levels of comfort: economy class and business class. Business class promises you a comfortable seat, refined cuisine accompanied by wines and champagnes. Business class gives you access to a special check-in counter, a VIP lounge and a welcome drink on board.

The airline has expanded its route network day by day.The regular flight connections between the West African cities of Abidjan, Accra, Bamako, Bobo-Dioulasso, Coionou, Dakar, Lomé, Niamey and Ouagadougou show an increasing number of passengers. The flight connections between Paris and the cities mentioned at the above are also very popular with passengers.

The airline has a codeshare agreement with the following airlines.

Air France ASKY Airlines Kenya Airways

Air Burkina Check-in

Online Check-in

Online and mobile check-in is not possible with the airline. It is currently not known whether Air Burkina is expanding the check-in options. For more information, see the airline’s website.

Click the button below to check in online.


Airport Check-in

To check in at the airport, check the closing times of the check-in counter on the Air Burkina website. If you are not at the airport in time, you will not be able to board the plane and you will lose all your rights on the purchased flight ticket.

Air Burkina Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage

Ten kilograms of luggage are permitted in the cabin on international flights and five kilograms on domestic flights. It is forbidden to carry liquids, toy guns, cutlery, knives, letter openers, razor blades, darts, scissors, knitting needles and the like in hand luggage.

Checked baggage

On domestic flights, each passenger is allowed to carry 20 kilograms of baggage allowance. On international flights 35 kg in Economy Class and 40 kg in Business Class are allowed per passenger. Small children are always allowed to check in ten kilograms of luggage. It is forbidden to carry fragile objects, jewelry, money, business documents, explosive substances, ammunition, liquids, lighters, matches, compressed gases, corrosive substances, flammable liquids or solids, oxidizing materials, corrosive substances, pathogens, toxic substances, radioactive substances in luggage transporting substances, malodorous materials and other dangerous goods. In the case of excess baggage, additional costs apply per piece.

Other luggage

Air Burkina does not provide any information on the transport of other luggage.

Tripuck does not guarantee the correctness and timeliness of the information. Contact your agency or airline for actual luggage information

Air Burkina Seat Selection

To make a comfortable trip with Air Burkina, you must choose the right seat. In general, if you want to travel in a good seat, you should choose your seat in advance and disregard some extra fees if necessary.

Air Burkina Knee Distance

Because of the airlines who want to reduce the cost of flying more passengers, knee distance is very important especially on long haul flights. The front seats and emergency exit seats are the seats with the highest knee distance. It is generally sold for a fee.

Celestars Frequent Flyer Program

For its regular travelers, the company offers the Celestars loyalty program which allows them to accumulate miles calculated according to the destination and the booking class. They can then be exchanged for award tickets, excess baggage or an upgrade. The program offers three levels: the Definitive Card Ivory, CeleStars Silver and CeleStars Gold. These last two allow its members to benefit from additional advantages such as priority on the waiting list, access to the airport VIP lounge, or luggage supplements.

Air Burkina Food & Beverage

Detailed information about airline’s paid and free catering services will be updated on this page soon.

Air Burkina Inflight Entertainment

Especially in long distances, Air Burkina offers in-flight entertainment, so you can enjoy your flight without getting bored.

The airline offers you movies, music, TV shows and more entertainment options that will allow you to travel without getting bored.

Air Burkina Pet Policy

Who wants to leave your best friend at home? On this page you will find the rules of traveling with your pet during your flight with Air Burkina.

Please be sure to check with the airline before you travel, as the rules for transporting pets vary according to the airline.

Air Burkina Lounge

The lounges are indispensable especially for business class passengers. What facilities does it offer? Here you will find detailed information about Air Burkina lounges for a comfortable start to your trip.

Air Burkina
IATA ICAO Callsign

Country:Burkina Faso
Owner: -
Frequent Flyer Program: Celestars
Company slogan: Le sentiment d'une bonne compagnie (The feeling of a good company)

Number of Aircraft: 5
Destinations:  9
Average Age of Aircraft: 14.1
Type of Aircraft: Embraer
Detail of Fleet: Embraer 170, Embraer 175, Embraer 190

Head Office: 29, Av. De la Nation Immeuble Air Burkina 01 BP 1459 Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso
Phone Number: +226 50 49 23 43
Fax Number: +226 50 31 45 17

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