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Aeromar About Aeromar

Aeromar was created in January 1987. Its first flights took place on November 7 of the same year from Toluca airport. The company is authorized to transport passengers and goods, to carry out charter and postal flights. When it was launched, Aeromar was a regional airline. In 1988, Aeromar moved its operations to Mexico City International Airport. It has become a benchmark regional airline with its ATR72 and ATR42 and 170 weekly flights.

In August 1991, the Mexican company was authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to serve as a repair station for aircraft registered in the United States. Aeromar decides to expand its activities internationally and to offer routes to the United States. The first flights of the Mexican company to McAllen in Texas took place on March 18, 2013. In 2016, Aeromar placed an order for ATR 72-600s in an effort to renew its fleet and improve its flight capabilities.

QAeromar Hub Airports

Mexico City Licenciado Benito Juarez Airport (MEX / MMMX)

Aeromar Classes of Service

The airline has 2 reservation classes, Economy and Business.

Aeromar has a wide variety of destinations in the Mexican territory. Its main objective is to become the preferred airline in the country, continuously developing its on-board services and adding destinations.

The airline has a codeshare agreement with the following airlines.

Interjet Turkish Airlines United Airlines

Aeromar Check-in

Online Check-in

Aeromar, allows you to carry out the check-in procedures online and thus be able to save that time at the airport and enter directly to the departure lounge. Take advantage of the web check-in service from your home.

Only available for domestic routes 24 to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Click the button below to check in online.


Airport Check-in

Aeromar reminds its passengers that they must attend the airport counters 45 minutes before the plane’s departure time on domestic flights and 90 minutes on international flights.

Aeromar Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage

On all Aeromar flights, given that the aircraft used are for a maximum of 88 passengers and, therefore, with limited space in the cabin, we may carry, if conditions allow, a piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10 kilograms and whose dimensions do not exceed 22cm x 38cm x 65cm. In addition to the piece of hand luggage, you can also carry, if conditions allow, a briefcase or hand bag or laptop.

Checked baggage

On domestic flights, each passenger is allowed to check in 25 kilograms of luggage and on international flights 23 kilograms. A piece of baggage may never be larger than 80 x 52 x 25 centimeters. Certain dangerous items may not be carried: liquids and / or flammable gas, explosives, matches / lighters, industrial products, corrosive substances, magnetic materials, oxidizing agents, materials, radioactive substances, briefcases and / or boxes with built-in alarm mechanisms, poisons, oxygen and others Items that the airline believes could endanger the aircraft, its crew or other passengers. Additional charges apply for excess baggage.

Other luggage

If you like music or you are a musician and you travel with instruments, it is important to know that you can take them on board as long as the musical instrument fits under the front seat. If you travel with louder musical instruments and you want them to go with you on board the plane, you will have to hire an additional seat to transport it, as long as they do not measure more than two meters in their different linear dimensions, do not weigh more than 46 kilos. In the seat next to the owner, you will be responsible for their care and for securing them with the seat belt.

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Aeromar Seat Selection

To make a comfortable trip with Aeromar, you must choose the right seat. In general, if you want to travel in a good seat, you should choose your seat in advance and disregard some extra fees if necessary.

Aeromar Knee Distance

Because of the airlines who want to reduce the cost of flying more passengers, knee distance is very important especially on long haul flights. The front seats and emergency exit seats are the seats with the highest knee distance. It is generally sold for a fee.

MileagePlus Frequent Flyer Program

Those traveling with Aeromar can take advantage of United’s loyalty program, Mileage Plus to earn miles. However, you must meet certain criteria: have purchased your plane ticket on the website, over the phone, from an agent in a United sales office or at the airport. The ability to earn miles will also depend on the fare of the plane ticket and MileagePlus status. If the traveler does not meet the above criteria, it is possible to accumulate miles according to the fare class purchased and / or that of the trip and according to the flight distance.

Aeromar Food & Beverage

Unlike what might seem due to the type of flights that this Mexican regional airline operates, an average of 40 minutes per flight, the cabin crew, always very friendly, passes through the cabin of the plane offering a selection of drinks and snacks that may differ depending on the route and duration of the flight.

And if you want to bring your own food or drink, The airline has no problem bringing your own food and soft drinks on board , unless you want to board with hot drinks or alcohol, since in those cases Aeromar staff will ask you to leave the products before of the shipment for security measures.

Aeromar Inflight Entertainment

Since most Aeromar flights are short and medium haul, there is no inflight entertainment service, unless we consider the newspaper distributed as inflight entertainment, and you would have to bring your own. A book, a magazine, a newspaper or something to see or listen to on your mobile device can be some of the options.

Aeromar Pet Policy

If you are one of those people who travel with pets, it is good to know that since July 14, 2014 Aeromar allows us to take our pet (dog or cat) on board as long as they travel in their pet carrier, bag ” Sherpa ”, on all our flights from Mexico and the United States and we will pay the charges for pet transportation that are in effect at the time. Guide dogs can accompany visually impaired people who require it in the cabin free of charge.

Only cats and dogs weighing up to 7 kilos are allowed with the container included. Its size must not exceed 40x30x18 cm. The service has an additional cost.

Aeromar Lounge

The lounges are indispensable especially for business class passengers. What facilities does it offer? Here you will find detailed information about Aeromar lounges for a comfortable start to your trip.

IATA ICAO Callsign

Owner: Grupo Aeromar
Frequent Flyer Program: MileagePlus
Company slogan: La linea aérea ejecutiva de México

Number of Aircraft: 12
Destinations:  20
Average Age of Aircraft: 8.8
Type of Aircraft: ATR
Detail of Fleet: ATR 42, ATR 72

Head Office: T2 Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez Av. Fuerza Aérea Mexicana (Hangares) Esq. Santos Dumont Sala L3, Mexico
Phone Number: +55 431 303 37, +55 513 311 11
Fax Number: +55 431 300 36

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