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CataniaRomeDirect22 July 202113 Search Flights
BariRomeDirect28 May 202115 Search Flights
DusseldorfRomeDirect8 June 202118 Search Flights
BucharestRomeDirect13 June 202122 Search Flights
ViennaRomeDirect8 June 202122 Search Flights
OdessaRomeDirect4 June 202123 Search Flights
BarcelonaRomeDirect2 June 202125 Search Flights
BudapestRomeDirect17 May 202125 Search Flights
BrindisiRomeDirect21 May 202127 Search Flights
ParisRomeDirect14 June 202128 Search Flights

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RomeCataniaDirect31 May 202118 Search Flights
RomeBarcelonaDirect10 June 202119 Search Flights
RomeViennaDirect28 May 202119 Search Flights
RomeBariDirect22 June 202122 Search Flights
RomePalermoDirect12 June 202124 Search Flights
RomeOdessaDirect4 June 202124 Search Flights
RomeBrindisiDirect20 June 202125 Search Flights
RomeBudapestDirect31 May 202127 Search Flights
RomeDublinDirect30 May 202127 Search Flights
RomeParisDirect1 June 202128 Search Flights

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Addis AbabaEthiopian Airlines30 May 2021728 Search Flights
MalagaVueling19 July 2021108 Search Flights
AmsterdamVueling25 June 202182 Search Flights
AthensRyanair1 June 202136 Search Flights
BacauBlue Air2 July 202146 Search Flights
BarcelonaRyanair10 June 202119 Search Flights
BrindisiRyanair14 August 202129 Search Flights
BerlinRyanair21 May 2021230 Search Flights
BolognaAlitalia CityLiner30 May 2021146 Search Flights
BostonAlitalia23 August 2021523 Search Flights
BariRyanair20 July 202125 Search Flights
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BucharestRyanair8 July 202136 Search Flights
CagliariRyanair29 July 202141 Search Flights
CairoAlitalia18 December 2021390 Search Flights
CasablancaRoyal Air Maroc11 June 2021307 Search Flights
ClujWizz Air8 July 2021113 Search Flights
CopenhagenLaparkan Airways, Inc.2 June 2021116 Search Flights

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About Rome

Rome (in Italian Roma, in English Rome) is the capital of Italy, the administrative center of the province of Rome and the Lazio region. The city covers an area of 1,285 km² and has a population of 4.355.725 inhabitants (as of 2018). As the regional center of Lazio, Rome is part of the central region of Italy, along with Marche, Tuscany and Umbria.

Rome is located in the west of the central part of the “Italian boot” - the Apennine peninsula, not far from the place where the Tiber River flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The historic center of Rome stands on 7 hills: Aventine, Capitol, Tseliy, Palatin, Quirinal, Viminal, and Esquiline, whose height above sea level ranges from 13 to 139 meters.

According to legend, Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC. Romulus - one of the royal twins, fed by a she-wolf, and named after another twin - Rem - Rome. However, archaeological research suggests that the first settlements on the site of ancient Rome appeared much earlier. At the time of Romulus, Rome was just a small village with thatched huts, and people settled in it only on the Palatine Hill, Rome became “a city on seven hills” much later.

Between 753–510 BC Rome was ruled by kings, then - from 510 to 30 B.C years, in the period of the Republic, - the consuls, and from 30 B.C to 476 AD e. - emperors. Since the 13th century, the secular authority of the church has been established in the city, and Rome has become the residence of the Pope of Rome. On September 20, 1870, the Italian government recognized Rome as the capital of United Italy.

On the territory of Rome there are two independent state formations - the city-state of the Vatican and Italy.

"The city on seven hills and the whole earth sovereign" - so ancient poet called Rome. Latin appeared in the walls of Rome, which was widely circulated among the masses in ancient times and remained in medicine to this day. Legislation, which appeared in the Roman Empire, served as the basis for the creation of modern Western law. The abbreviation SPQR (Senatus roulus que romanus), which is now found everywhere in Rome - on the facades of palaces, on monuments, on lampposts and sewer manholes, means belonging to the Senate and the people of Rome, and declares the community of citizens and the state.

Today, Rome is one of the oldest and one of the most visited cities in the world, thanks to a huge concentration of historical and architectural monuments from different eras. The city center is fully included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Passing through the thickness of centuries, the “Eternal City” brought to us the greatness of palaces and cathedrals, the might of medieval castles and the silver music of fountains of the Baroque epoch. Now every traveller knows that “all roads lead to Rome,”. Everyone tries to visit this city at least once.

It should be noted that Rome is one of the most popular destinations of the so-called “wedding tourism” - what could be more romantic than a wedding in Italy , and even in a city like Rome?

Transportation to Rome City Center from Airport

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