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Cheap Flights to Hong Kong

OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
ManilaHong KongDirect27 December 2021164 Search Flights
BangkokHong KongDirect31 May 2021188 Search Flights
ShanghaiHong KongDirect24 November 2021202 Search Flights
SingaporeHong KongDirect28 May 2021231 Search Flights
Saint PetersburgHong Kong1 Stop2 July 2021250 Search Flights
Chiang MaiHong KongDirect19 December 2021263 Search Flights
SeoulHong Kong1 Stop22 January 2022271 Search Flights
MoscowHong Kong1 Stop7 February 2022274 Search Flights
BeijingHong KongDirect11 October 2021301 Search Flights
BacolodHong Kong1 Stop19 June 2021353 Search Flights

Cheap Flights from Hong Kong

OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
Hong KongManila1 Stop7 November 2021163 Search Flights
Hong KongBangkokDirect16 May 2021188 Search Flights
Hong KongSingaporeDirect28 May 2021229 Search Flights
Hong KongHanoi1 Stop10 July 2021256 Search Flights
Hong KongTokyoDirect19 April 2022287 Search Flights
Hong KongPhuket1 Stop17 December 2021289 Search Flights
Hong KongTaipeiDirect4 August 2021334 Search Flights
Hong KongBeijing1 Stop24 August 2021417 Search Flights
Hong KongChongqing1 Stop19 July 2021418 Search Flights
Hong KongMacau1 Stop5 June 2021489 Search Flights

Direct flights from Hong Kong

DestinationAirlineAirlineDeparture atPriceFind tickets
AucklandCathay Pacific25 December 2021991 Search Flights
BeijingHong Kong Airlines2 July 2021465 Search Flights
BangkokHong Kong Express Airways24 August 2021206 Search Flights
DubaiEmirates3 August 2021356 Search Flights
HanoiHong Kong Airlines13 July 2021260 Search Flights
PhuketHong Kong Express Airways8 March 2022217 Search Flights
JakartaCathay Pacific27 May 2021750 Search Flights
LondonBritish Airways16 October 2021609 Search Flights
ManilaAirAsia Zest25 November 2021171 Search Flights
NadiFiji Airways1 December 2021724 Search Flights
San FranciscoCathay Pacific1 July 20211 687 Search Flights
ShanghaiChina Eastern Airlines27 May 2021457 Search Flights
SingaporeScoot28 May 2021229 Search Flights
SydneyCathay Pacific7 September 20212 540 Search Flights
SanyaHong Kong Airlines23 December 2021655 Search Flights
Tel Aviv-YafoCathay Pacific18 July 2021958 Search Flights
TaipeiHong Kong Airlines4 August 2021334 Search Flights
TokyoHong Kong Express Airways19 April 2022287 Search Flights
TorontoAir Canada21 August 20211 490 Search Flights

Flights to Hong Kong

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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a blissful blend of entertainment! A vibrant city surrounded by fantastic nature. It is only your imagination that sets the limits! Regardless of age, Hong Kong has something for everyone. The turquoise Pacific Ocean, views from Victoria Peak make anyone lose their breath. There are several beaches with turquoise blue water, full of beach activities and water sports.

Those who want a calmer atmosphere on the beach should visit Repulse bay beach which is a popular beach. With its fine-grained beach and azure waters, Repulse bay beach is Hong Kong's most beautiful beach. Both tourists and city dwellers come here.

If you are on holiday with your family, the Ocean Park amusement park is the ultimate pleasure! Here are giant aquariums, giant pandas and shopping. Hong Kong is known for its shopping malls that have just about everything and a little more! Due to the low tax level, the town is a common excursion destination for shopping trips. If, on the other hand, you are a person who prefers to look for bargains in markets, Hong Kong is crammed with them. The ferry over to Kowloon takes you to all the street markets that are characterized by beautiful nature. If you take the ferry over to Lantau, you end up on an island filled with harmony and historical sights. Instead of skyscrapers, this peaceful island is full of temples and monasteries, fishing villages, magnificent hiking trails and secluded sandy beaches.

Thanks to the British-Chinese atmosphere of Hong Kong, a diverse culture is created that attracts people from all over the world. Hong Kong was a British possession and today, together with Macao, is one of two special administrative regions in China. Those who visit Hong Kong and want to avoid the hottest months should avoid May, until October. During the summer, the temperature is up to 30 degrees. Although the city is located in the tropical zone, Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate! Hong Kong is located on the coast facing the South China Sea and is one of the most important island. The island has steep and large mountain ranges that you can see along the horizon, in the background of the big city. Hong Kong, a big city with amazing scenery. Colorful cultures that take you through the ages!

Transportation to Hong Kong City Center from Airport

Detailed information about transportation from Hong Kong airport to city center is written by our editors. Transportation information will soon be on our page.

You will be transported from Hong Kong airport by Taxi, Bus and many other transfer options, you can easily organize your transfer.