Low cost airlines

Not all low cost airlines are available on price comparision websites like Skyscanner, Wego or Tripuck. You can find Ryanair, Easyjet and WizzAir in the search, but two dozen others will not be there. If you rely on the results of price comparisons, you will not find many airlines and in most cases pay too high a price.

In our list we have compiled the most important low cost airlines for all over the world (Especially Europe, Asia) with links to their homepages to book tickets. It is best to first compare the prices in a flight price comparison and then check the offers on the low-cost airline websites.

There is no clear separation between traditional and low-cost airlines. One can argue whether AirBaltic or Pegasus are low cost airlines. The list includes all companies that can somehow save.

Europe – Low cost airlines

Here is the list of the most important low cost airlines in Europe.


  • Buta Airways: In September 2017, a new low cost airline Buta Airways started flying from Baku to Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine and Iran. Tickets at the minimum fare “BUDGET”, do not provide any baggage or hand luggage. Flight network map

Czech Republic

Faroe Islands

  • Atlantic Airways: The national carrier of the Faroe Islands. They fly from Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Scotland, plus in season from Spain. Offers the cheapest way to get to the Faeroes from Copenhagen. Round-trip ticket costs from 160 euros. Prices for flights between the islands on helicopters are from 12 to 60 euros one way. Flight network map


  • French Bee: French low cost airline offering flights from Paris-Orly to Dominican Republic, Tahiti, San Francisco, Reunion and French Polynesia. Flight network


  • Eurowings: A subsidiary of Lufthansa. It flies to 210 destinations , mainly in Europe. Prices for flights from 30 euros in Germany, from 45 euros in Europe one way. Flight network map
  • Germania: is a privately owned airline headquartered in Berlin. There are charters to the Middle East, the resorts of the Mediterranean and to North Africa. Flight network map
  • Tui Fly: Low cost airline with a hub in Hanover. Part of the company TUI Group, one of the largest travel companies in the world. In addition to the German airline there are other divisions TUI Fly (for example, the Belgium, Netherlands, France, Maroc). Flight network
  • Condor: A subsidiary of Lufthansa with a hub in Frankfurt am Main. It has a charter to exotic countries: the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, South America, the islands of Spain, Portugal and others. A very favorable price for a one-way trip (unlike traditional airlines). Flight network map


  • WizzAir: Wizz Air is a Hungarian low cost airline based in Budapest. It is the most important low cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has 420 routes in Europe and 28 hubs. If you are planning to fly Wizz Air more than once a year or are flying a company, then buy a membership in the Wizz Air Discount Club . Flight network map


  • WOW Air: Icelandic low-cost airline, which has flights to the US from $ 55. In general, operates flights from 32 cities, mainly in Europe. It is experiencing financial difficulties, and may soon be absorbed by another company. Flight network map
  • Icelandair: Not low cost airline, but an indispensable company for traveling to Iceland. The main feature is the stopper for up to 7 days in Iceland during the flight from Europe to the USA.


  • Ryan Air:
    Ryanair destinations
    Ryanair destinations

    Ryanair is one of the largest airlines in Europe. Be sure to fly this airline for European countries! If you buy tickets in advance, even for short distances (for example, Madrid – Porto) it will be more profitable to fly rather than use buses. Ryanair holds campaign almost every month. You can follow them through the airline’s email newsletter. Flight network map

Ryanair also acquired Austrian low-cost airline Laudamotion (formerly Amira Air) with hubs in Vienna and several German cities.

  • Aer Lingus: The largest Irish airline (not counting Ryanair, of course). They fly to 190 cities, including the United States and Canada. Flight network map


  • Air Italy (formerly Meridiana): The main flights are from Milan and Olbia. In addition to flights in Italy (about 30 euros one way) flies to Africa, Asia, the United States and Canada. Flight network
  • Blue Panorama Airlines: It flies mainly in Italy, a little more expensive than Air Italy (40-50 euros one way).  Airline also flies Greece and Greek islands. Flight network map
  • Flyernest: Airline is an Italian airline , the headquarter is in Milan. They carry from nine Italian cities to Tirana. From 2017 Airline flies to Lviv, Kiev and Kharkov from the main Italian cities. Tickets from 37 euros one way. Flight network


  • Air Baltic: The Latvian airline, main hub – in Riga. Prices are higher than other low-cost airlines, but baggage is also paid . You can join the airBaltic Club and get a free ticket for 10 flights by the airline. Flight network


  • Air Moldova: The national carrier of Moldova. Not low-cost, but quite often cheap flights through Chisinau to Rome, Lisbon, Larnaca, Bologna, Venice and other cities. Flight network map
  • Flyone: A young Moldovan airline that received a certificate in March 2016. You can fly from Chisinau to many destinations (starting from 60 euros one way).


  • Transavia: It has five hubs in the Netherlands (including Amsterdam). It flies mainly to southern Europe plus to Morocco and Egypt. Transavia has a subsidiary of Transavia France with three hubs in France and similar directions. Flight network map


  • Norwegian Air: It flies within Europe from the cities of Scandinavia and between the cities of Scandinavia (more than 100 destinations). Airline flies to the United States (Boston, Chicago, New York, Orlando, Los Angeles). Flight network map

Norwegian has a subsidiary in Argentina (more on this below).


  • Blue Air: Romanian low-cost with the main hub in Bucharest with a large number of destinations in Europe. There are also several routes from Helsinki. Flight network map


  • Pobeda: “Pobeda” flies from December 2014. Now the company has more than 50 destinations. “Pobeda” flies to Finland, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Turkey, Slovakia (and from there takes a bus to Austria), Armenia and Georgia.It is worth noting that very often “Pobeda” reduces prices for several days before departure.


  • Logan Air: Scottish regional carrier. It flies through Scotland, including the Orkney Islands and the Outer Hebrides. The route from Westray Island to Papa Westray Island (Orkney Islands) is the shortest regular commercial flight in the world. In good weather, it’s only 47 seconds in the air. In addition to the British territories flies also to Norway. Flight network map


  • Vueling: The second largest Spanish airline that hub in Barcelona. From Barcelona and Alicante flies to many destinations ( start from 50 euros one way). Performs seasonal flights to the some regions also. Flight network map
  • Volotea: Spanish low-cost headquartered in Barcelona. Most of the flights fall on the Mediterranean region, including small cities in France, Italy, Spain, Greece. Often conducts sales with tickets for 10 euros. Flight network map
  • Canaryfly: A small airline from the Canary Islands. Flies between the islands from 5 euros one way.
  • Level: A subsidiary of Iberia and British Airways. It flies from Spain (as well as Paris-Orly) to the USA, Canada and Latin America. Prices for transatlantic flights start at 95 euros one way. Tickets can be purchased at flylevel.com. Tickets can be purchased online. Flight network
  • Iberia Express: A subsidiary of Iberia. It flies from Madrid to Europe, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Flight network map


  • Helvetic Airways: Airline from Switzerland hub in Zurich, plus flights from 7 airports. Most flights are operated once a week. The company’s fleet consists of small aircraft: Embraer 190 and Fokker 100. Flight network map



United Kingdom

  • Easy Jet: Easyjet airline has a large route network in Europe. The company flies to 32 countries, 134 cities and has 23 bases. The largest is London Gatwick Airport. Large hubs are located in Milan and Barcelona, as well as in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Basel. Flight network map
  • Flybe: Low cost airline with hubs in Birmingham and Manchester. Fly to 85 destinations in the UK and Western Europe. Flight network map
  • Jet2.com: Low cost, which predominantly flies from the main British cities to southern Europe. Flight network map
  • TUI Airways: UK version of TUI fly. It flies from 20 British airports to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Flight network map

Asia – Low cost airlines

Here is the list of the most important low cost airlines in Asia.


  • United Airways: United Airways is one of four airlines (also: Biman Bangladesh Airlines, NovoAir, Regent Airways) in Bangladesh and the only budget airline. United Airways flies to Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India, Nepal, Malaysia and Oman. The only destination outside of Asia is London. Flight network


  • Lanmei Airlines: Cambodian low cost airline with hub in Phnom Penh, owned by the Chinese. It flies through Southeast Asia and has many flights to China.


  • Spring Airlines: China’s first low-cost carrier, Spring Air, is based in Shanghai and has served approximately 130 destinations in China and Southeast Asia since 2005. There is a Japanese division of Spring Airlines Japan. Prices from $ 15 one way.
  • China United: Low cost airline with hub at Beijing Nanyuan Airport and flights between Chinese cities. Tickets from 10 dollars one way.
  • Juneyao Airlines: This airline offers flights exclusively to domestic destinations from the two airports in Shanghai. It has a very extensive route network in China, and also operates flights to South Korea, Japan and Thailand. In 2019, plans to launch a flight from Helsinki.
  • 9 Air: A subsidiary of Juneyao airlines with a hub in Guangzhou.
  • Lucky Air: Chinese low cost airline based in Kunming . It is a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines Group. Besides China domestic flies to Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia.
  • West Air: West Air is a low-cost airline based in Chongqing, China. West Air flies 46 destinations, including Singapore outside China. Flight network map
  • Urumqi Air: Urumqi Air is a low-cost airline headquartered in Urumqi. It offers flights from Urumqi to China.
  • Beijing Capital Airlines: Chinese low cost airline based in Beijing. It is a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines. In addition to domestic flights; airline offers many flights to Europe.
  • Colorful Guizhou Airlines: A regional low-cost airline with a hub in Guiyang and flights in China.
  • Jiangxi Air: Regional low cost with a hub in Nanchang. Airline flies to destinations in China.
  • HK Express: Hong Kong low cost from HNA Group. It flies from Hong Kong in the region, especially many flights to Japan. Flight network map
  • Ruili Airlines: Ruili Airlines is a Chinese low cost based at Kunming Changshui International Airport. It flies both domestic and international destinations in China and in Southeast Asia. Flight network map


  • IndiGo: India’s largest airline IndiGo flies in addition to many domestic destinations and the Asian cities of Bangkok, Dubai, Kathmandu, Muscat and Singapore. Flight network map
  • SpiceJet: A large Indian airline with hubs in Delhi and Hyderabai and Chennai. Flights to 49 cities of India and Oman, UAE, Maldives, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Flight network map
  • Air India Express: Subsidiary low-cost national carrier. It offers less domestic flights, but more international (mainly to the countries of the Persian Gulf). Flight network map
  • Go Air: The low fare airline GoAir based in Mumbai, operates mainly home flights to 25 cities (plus Male and Phuket). Flight network map


  • Citilink: Citilink is based in Jakarta, like the parent company Garuda Indonesia. A subsidiary of the national carrier, Garuda Indonesia. It operates mainly domestic flights (plus flies to Malaysia and East Timor). Flight network map
  • Wings Air: Lion Air Group low cost. It has a hub in Bali, specializes in domestic flights.


  • Vanilla Air: A subsidiary of All Nippon Airways. It flies between Japanese cities, as well as to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Prices for one-way flights start at $ 30. Flight network map
  • Peach: Japan’s first low-cost carrier was founded in 2011 and made its first flight in March 2012. Peach Airlines flies from Osaka, Naha and Tokyo throughout Japan (including Okinawa), as well as to Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea, Shanghai and Bangkok. Flight network map
  • Air Do: Regional airline: Main direction – flights from Hokkaido International Airlines. Not low-cost, but there are favorable rates for early booking (75 days) or discount when booking 1 or 3 days before the flight. Flight network
  • Skymark: Passenger flights within Japan and charter flights to Seoul. Low cost airline with a dozen destinations in the country. There are discounts 1 or 3 days before departure. Flight network map
  • Solaseed Air: Only domestic destinations: Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Oita. Almost like Skymark, but more options for discounts on dates of purchase, plus a discount for foreign tourists. Flight network map
  • Star Flyer: Positions itself as an intermediate option between low cost airlines and conventional airlines. It offers flights between major Japanese cities plus to Taiwan. For domestic flights there is a special fare for foreigners (55-70 euros one way).
Starflyer - Low cost airlines
Starflyer – Low cost airlines


  • Air Manas: Kyrgyz carrier. A subsidiary of Turkish Pegasus airlines. Until the end of 2015, the airline flew under the Pegasus Asia brand, but now it has become known again as Air Manas.


  • Air Asia: AirAsia has many offshoots in Asia but Malaysia is home. AirAsia was founded in 1993 and has since received many awards, including as the best low-cost airline in the world according to Skytrax. It has an extensive route network throughout Asia (from India, Malaysia to Vietnam, Philippines, Japan), including with flights to Australia. With over 140 destinations and more than 400 flights per day, this airline can hardly be missed on an Asian tour.Flight network
  • Firefly: Firefly is a low-cost subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. In addition to domestic flights, there are flights to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Flight network map
  • Malindo Air: Malindo Air is a joint venture of National Aerospace and Defense Industries of Malaysia and Lion Air of Indonesia. The name Malindo comes from the first letters of the two countries. The airline flies to only 13 destinations within Malaysia and Dhaka in Bangladesh. Flight network map



  • Air Blue: Pakistani low cost airline with a hub in Karachi. It carries out both domestic flights and international flights to the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Flight network map


  • Cebu Pacific: Cebu Pacific is a major airline in the Philippines. A low cost airline with a large number of domestic flights plus flies all over East and Southeast Asia (and also to Sydney and Dubai). Flight network map
  • Air Swift: is a tiny company connecting Filipino cities with its El Nido airport. In fact, this airport is a common primer in the jungle, but it is located on the island of Palawan. Flight network


  • Tiger Air Singapore: (merged with Scoot)
  • Scoot: Since 2017 merged with Tiger Air, virtually one airline operating under the Scoot brand. Cheap flights in Asia and Australia. In addition to Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand, the airline flies to the Australian cities of Gold Coast and Sydney. Flight network

South Korea

  • Jeju Air: The South Korean airline Jeju Air offers cheap flights to Japan, Hong Kong and China. However, destinations in Southeast Asia such as Thailand or the Philippines are also served. Flight network map
  • Jin Air: A subsidiary of Korean Air. It flies throughout the region, including Hawaii, Australia and Guam. Flight network map
  • T’way Air: The South Korean low-cost airline T’way Airlines offers domestic flights as well as flights to neighboring regions of Asia.
  • Easter Jet: Eastar Jet is a young airline flying to destinations in Korea and Japan as well as Malaysia and Thailand.
  • Air Seoul: South Korean low-cost carrier and a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines. The airline is based at Incheon International Airport
  • Air Busan:  Air Busan is a South Korean budget airline that subsidiary Asiana Airlines. Launched in 2008, the airline offers flights to Japan, China and the Southeast Asian region.


  • Nok Air: Bangkok-based low-cost airline Nok Air is the low-cost airline operated by Thai Airways International. Thai low-cost airline carrying out domestic flights across Thailand plus flights to Myanmar and other countries in the region. There are multiple routes with ferries (Fly’n’Ferry) or buses (Fly’n’Ride). Flight network map
  • Thai Lion Air: Thai division of the Indonesian company Lion Air Group. In addition to domestic flights, there are flights to many cities in China and to the main cities in the region. Nice stuff – luggage included in the price. Flight network map


  • VietJet Air: Vietnamese low-cost with several hubs in the country. It flies mainly in Vietnam. In addition to Vietnam, airline flies to Bangkok, Taipei, Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Yangon and Kuala Lumpur.

Middle East – Low cost airlines

Here is the list of the most important low cost airlines in Middle East.


  • Jazeera Airways: Kuwait Low Cost airline. In addition to the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East, flies to India, Egypt, Baku, Tbilisi and Istanbul. Flight network map


  • Salam Air: Omani low cost airline. In addition to domestic flights, flies to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nepal, Sudan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, as well as to Baku and Tbilisi. Flight network

Saudi Arabia

  • Flynas: Formerly Nas Air, is a domestic and international low-cost airline based in Saudi Arabia, the country’s first budget airline. It operates flights within the country, in the region plus in Tbilisi, Baku, Istanbul, Trabzon. Flight network map
  • Flyadeal: Subsidiary of the national carrier Saudia. Flies between several cities within the country.

United Arab Emirates

  • Air Arabia: Low cost airline with a base in Sharjah. Departures from Sharjah to the cities of the Asia and Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan), North Africa (Sudan, Egypt, Morocco), India, Nepal, Bangladesh . There are regional divisions of Air Arabia Egypt with a hub in Alexandria, Air Arabia Maroc with a hub in Casablanca and Air Arabia Jordan with a hub in Amman. Flight network map
  • Flydubai: Low cost airline with base in Dubai. Flights form the UAE and cities of Europe, Asia and Africa. Quite often, a good cost of flights from regions to Nepal, Sri Lanka, India. Plus a good grid in East Africa: Addis Ababa, Dar es Salaam, Djibouti, Juba, Khartoum, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar. Flight network map

Africa – Low cost airlines

Here is the list of the most important low cost airlines in Africa.


  • Air Cairo: A subsidiary of EgyptAir. It flies from the main cities of Egypt to Europe. There are flights from Tbilisi to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.
  • Nile Air: Nile air is egyptian low cost airline based at Cairo. Flies to Middle East countries plus Turkey. Flight network map


  • Fly540: Kenyan low cost airline with Hub in Nairobi. It flies through Kenya, Zanzibar and South Sudan. They have a subsidiary airline Fly Sax, which flies on safaris and beach destinations. Flight network map
  • Jambojet: A subsidiary of the national carrier, Kenya Airways, with a hub in Nairobi. Flies through Kenya and Uganda. Flight network


  • Arik Air: Nigerian traditional carrier with low-cost fares that connects all major cities of Nigeria, and also flies to Angola, Ghana, Senegal and other countries in West Africa.

South Africa

  • Mango: A subsidiary of the national carrier South African Airways with a hub in Johannesburg. It flies in South Africa and on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania.
  • Kulula.com: The first African low-cost airline, part of Comair, has been flying since 2001. The main flights are domestic, but after the cooperation with Kenya Airways they fly to Nairobi, and as part of Comair – to other neighboring countries. Flight network map
  • FlySafair: A subsidiary of Safair, connects six cities of the country.

Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

  • Fastjet: A group of African low-cost carriers (includes the Fastjet of Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Mozambique). In addition to these countries, flies also to South Africa and Zambia.

Americas – Low cost airlines

Here is the list of the most important low cost airlines in Americas.


  • Flybondi: Small low cost with hubs in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. In addition to domestic flights flies to Paraguay. Flight network
  • LATAM Argentina: Part of the LATAM Airlines Group with flights across the country plus to Brazil, Chile, Peru and the United States. On domestic flights prices start at $ 10.
  • Norwegian Air Argentina: A subsidiary of the Norwegian Air Shuttle. So far it has only a few destinations within the country with prices ranging from 10 to 45 dollars one way
  • LADE: It belongs to the Air Force and flies mainly in Patagonia, but often the tickets are cheaper than the bus. Flight network map


  • Amaszonas: A regional airline, flies to 6 cities in Bolivia, plus Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Flight network map
  • EcoJet: A small airline with four aircraft, flies inside Bolivia. Hub in Cochabamba.
  • Boliviana de Aviación: National carrier. It flies from Bolivia to Argentina, Brazil, Dominican plus in Miami and Madrid. On domestic flights, sometimes offers prices lower than those of small companies. Flight network map


  • Azul: Many destinations within the country, plus flights to Argentina, USA, Portugal. Flight network map
  • GOL: A greater variety of international destinations (mainly South American and Caribbean countries). For flights between the main cities of Brazil offer prices lower than Azul. Flight network map


  • Westjet: A large Canadian low-cost airline with hubs in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver. Flights to North America and the Caribbean plus seasonal transatlantic flights from Canada to Glasgow, Dublin, Paris (and scheduled flights to London). Flight network map
  • Swoop: Canadian ultra low cost airline owned by WestJet. It began flights on June, 2018. The airline is based in Calgary, Alberta. While flights are launched across Canada, flights to the USA and Mexico are planned.
  • Sunwing Airlines: A subsidiary of the Sunwing Travel Group. It flies from Canadian cities to the USA, Central America and the Caribbean. Flight network map
  • Porter Airlines: A regional company with a hub in Toronto and flights across Canada and the United States. Not low-cost, but at prices comparable to WestJet. Flight network map
  • Air Transat: Low cost airline with a hub in Montreal. It flies between Canadian cities and the USA, in the winter – to Central America and the Caribbean, in the summer – to Europe (there are regular flights to these destinations). For domestic flights a little cheaper than other low-cost carriers.
  • Air Canada Rouge: A subsidiary of national carrier Air Canada. Unlike other low cost airlines, it offers more flights to Europe.
  • Flair Airlines: Low cost airline with hubs in Edmonton and Winnipeg, also flies to secondary Canadian cities and the United States. Flight network map
  • Canada Jetlines: New low cost airline. Planned to start operations April,2019. Planned flight network map


  • Sky Airline: flies through Chile plus to Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay. Prices for flights from $ 10 one way. Flight network
  • JetSmart: appeared in 2017 and arranged the price competition Sky Airline. While flying only in Chile plus in Lima. Flight network map


  • Viva Colombia: Low cost operates flights between the main cities of Colombia plus Lima and Miami. Prices for domestic flights – from $ 30 one way, for internationals about $ 200 round trip.
  • Wingo: is a Colombian low-cost airline, subsidiary of the Panamanian Copa Holdings . Wingo is not a full-fledged airline: four Boeing 737-700 aircraft with 142 seats are serviced by crews and ground personnel of Copa Airlines Colombia. Flies around Colombia plus to Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador and Cuba.
  • EasyFly: Low-cost, flying exclusively in Colombia, including in small cities, where other low-cost flights do not fly. Flight network map

Dominican Republic

  • Flycana: Flycana previously Dominican Wings is a first low cost airline in Dominican Republic that based in Santo Domingo. Expected to effer flights throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.


  • EasySky: Low-cost airline based in Honduras. Offering daily flights between Roatan and mainland Honduras.


  • Viva Aerobus: Low-cost airline, founded by the bus company IAMSA with the participation of Ryanair. It flies in Mexico, as well as in the United States and Costa Rica. Flight network map
  • Volaris: Low-cost with hubs in Mexico City, Tijuana and Guadalajara. It has a well-developed internal network plus flights to the USA, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. There is a subsidiary in Costa Rica – Volaris Costa Rica. Flight network map
  • Interjet: Among all the Mexican low cost airlines offers the most international destinations: Volaris destinations plus flights to Colombia, Peru, Canada, and Cuba. As a bonus – long distances between the seats and luggage included in the price. Flight network map


  • Viva Air Peru: Low cost airline, operating since 2017. Directions only in the country: from Lima to Cusco, Arequipa, Piura, Iquitos, Tarapoto, Chiclayo, Talara and Jaen. It will be more profitable to fly between other Peruvian cities through LATAM Perú. Flight network


  • Southwest Airlines: Pioneer low-cost business model. It has a very extensive route network in the United States, and also operates flights to Central America and the Caribbean. Flight network map
  • JetBlue: Low-cost with a hub in New York. Flights to the United States, as well as to Mexico, the Caribbean, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. Flight network map
  • Spirit: A low-cost airline that routes are similar to JetBlue. There are fewer destinations within the US, but prices are slightly lower. Flight network map
  • Fly Frontier: Low cost airline with a hub in Denver. Most flights in the United States, plus flights to Mexico, Canada and the Dominican Republic. Flight network map
  • Sun Country Airlines: Low-cost with a standard set of routes: USA, Central America, Caribbean. But there are fewer directions than other low-cost ones. But there are flights to Alaska. Flight network map
  • Island Air: A regional airline operating flights across the Hawaiian Islands.

Oceania – Low cost airlines

Here is the list of the most important low cost airlines in Ocenia.


  • Tiger Air: Tigerway Airways is a well-known low-cost airline based in Melbourne, which flies in addition to the Asian region. Flight network map
  • Jetstar Airways: A subsidiary of the Australian company Qantas. The main hub in Melbourne. In addition to flights in Australia and New Zealand, there are flights to the countries of South-East Asia. There are also Jetstar Asia Airways divisions with a hub in Singapore, Jetstar Pacific with a hub in Ho Chi Minh City and Jetstar Japan with hubs in Tokyo and Osaka. Flight network
  • Virgin Australia: Australian low cost from the Virgin Group. It has four hubs in Australia, flies around Oceania, to Indonesia, Hong Kong and the USA. Flight network map