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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
OsakaTokyoDirect09.07.202178 Search Flights
TakamatsuTokyoDirect30.04.202179 Search Flights
MatsuyamaTokyoDirect22.05.202181 Search Flights
SapporoTokyoDirect01.05.202193 Search Flights
FukuokaTokyoDirect02.05.2021100 Search Flights
KagoshimaTokyoDirect30.04.2021104 Search Flights
KumamotoTokyoDirect20.05.2021104 Search Flights
MiyazakiTokyoDirect11.06.2021111 Search Flights
NagasakiTokyoDirect01.05.2021116 Search Flights
SeoulTokyoDirect22.06.2021117 Search Flights

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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
TokyoOsakaDirect10.05.202182 Search Flights
TokyoOitaDirect10.07.202188 Search Flights
TokyoKochiDirect07.05.202189 Search Flights
TokyoSapporoDirect28.05.202190 Search Flights
TokyoKumamotoDirect28.05.202191 Search Flights
TokyoTakamatsuDirect27.04.202194 Search Flights
TokyoMatsuyamaDirect21.04.202198 Search Flights
TokyoFukuokaDirect28.04.2021100 Search Flights
TokyoOkinawaDirect24.05.2021107 Search Flights
TokyoNagasakiDirect14.05.2021115 Search Flights

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DestinationAirlineAirlineDeparture atPriceFind tickets
AucklandAir New Zealand19.12.20211 167 Search Flights
BangkokZIPAIR Tokyo30.05.2021350 Search Flights
Cebu CityPhilippine Airlines11.09.2021494 Search Flights
ColomboSrilankan Airlines09.06.2021925 Search Flights
DelhiJapan Airlines07.05.20212 607 Search Flights
DalianAir China01.08.2021582 Search Flights
DetroitDelta Air Lines06.08.20212 683 Search Flights
DubaiEmirates06.05.2021509 Search Flights
FukuokaJetstar Japan03.10.2021105 Search Flights
GuamUnited Airlines27.05.2021428 Search Flights
HanoiAll Nippon Airways25.12.2021629 Search Flights
HiroshimaSpring Airlines Japan04.05.2021223 Search Flights
HakodateAll Nippon Airways26.09.2021203 Search Flights
HonoluluUnited Airlines08.06.2021711 Search Flights
IshigakiPeach16.05.2021160 Search Flights
IstanbulTurkish Airlines27.04.20211 170 Search Flights
JakartaJapan Airlines05.08.2021676 Search Flights
KagoshimaSkymark Airlines03.05.2021240 Search Flights
Kuala LumpurMalaysia Airlines23.05.2021674 Search Flights
Los AngelesAll Nippon Airways03.06.20211 277 Search Flights

Flights to Tokyo

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About Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the administrative, financial, cultural, industrial and political center of the country. Tokyo is located in the southeastern part of Honshu Island, in the bay of the Tokyo Bay of the Pacific Ocean. Administratively, Tokyo is a prefecture with an area of ​​2,188.67 km² with a population of 13,506,607 (2015 data) and is a separate Tokyo metropolitan area, the only urban conglomerate of its kind. From Japanese Tokyo translates as "Eastern Capital".

On the territory of today's Tokyo, people settled back in the Stone Age, but the settlement known as Edo (江 戸, “entrance to the bay”) became famous since the 12th century, when the local Edo warrior Taro Sigenada built a fortress there. In 1457, the shogun Ota Dokan erected a castle of the same name in Edo, which in 1590 captured the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa clan. After that, the city was the capital of the shogunate for a long time and played the role of the political and administrative center of Japan. The imperial court was located in Kyoto. Edo was actively developing, and in the XVIII century was the largest city in the world - it was inhabited by more than 1 million people. After the Meiji restoration in 1868, the shogunate was overthrown and imperial power was restored. In 1869, Emperor Mutsuhito moved the capital to Edo, renaming it Tokyo. At the same time, the prefecture of Tokyo (東京 府) was formed.

On September 1, 1923, Tokyo suffered from a massive earthquake, which affected about 90,000 people. In July 1932, additional districts were annexed to the city, and it became the largest city in the world with a population of 4.9 million.

The city was almost completely restored when, during World War II, the Allies subjected it to massive bombardment from the air. Tokyo was again destroyed. It was revived only in the second half of the 20th century, becoming the largest industrial and economic center of Japan, having performed the so-called “economic miracle”. Today, this ambiguous city, the capital of an exotic and super-technological country, attracts masses of tourists from all over the world.

Transportation to Tokyo City Center from Airport

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