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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
MakungTaipeiDirect22.05.2021120 Search Flights
MacauTaipeiDirect21.07.2021220 Search Flights
KaohsiungTaipei1 Stop17.04.2021233 Search Flights
Hong KongTaipeiDirect08.11.2021235 Search Flights
BangkokTaipeiDirect23.07.2021236 Search Flights
HangzhouTaipei1 Stop12.05.2021295 Search Flights
HanoiTaipei1 Stop20.01.2022398 Search Flights
TokyoTaipei1 Stop24.04.2021442 Search Flights
OsakaTaipei1 Stop19.05.2021469 Search Flights
Kuala LumpurTaipei1 Stop20.04.2021525 Search Flights

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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
TaipeiHualienDirect01.10.2021103 Search Flights
TaipeiMakungDirect25.06.2021116 Search Flights
TaipeiKinmenDirect28.04.2021118 Search Flights
TaipeiTaitung CityDirect24.05.2021119 Search Flights
TaipeiManilaDirect10.09.2021142 Search Flights
TaipeiTokyoDirect02.09.2021204 Search Flights
TaipeiHong KongDirect01.07.2021211 Search Flights
TaipeiOsakaDirect03.07.2021222 Search Flights
TaipeiKaohsiung1 Stop20.04.2021223 Search Flights
TaipeiSeoulDirect10.09.2021225 Search Flights

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DestinationAirlineAirlineDeparture atPriceFind tickets
BeijingEva Air01.06.2021917 Search Flights
Kota KinabaluMalaysia Airlines09.10.2021405 Search Flights
BangkokThai Airways01.01.2022221 Search Flights
FukuokaEva Air19.12.2021564 Search Flights
Hong KongHong Kong Airlines01.07.2021212 Search Flights
IstanbulUzbekistan Airways25.07.20211 202 Search Flights
KinmenMandarin Airlines28.04.2021118 Search Flights
Kuala LumpurMalaysia Airlines29.11.2021363 Search Flights
Macau29.05.2021321 Search Flights
MakungMandarin Airlines25.06.2021116 Search Flights
New YorkEva Air16.06.20212 769 Search Flights
OntarioChina Airlines24.08.20212 027 Search Flights
OsakaJetstar Asia03.07.2021222 Search Flights
ParisEva Air02.06.20212 262 Search Flights
SeattleEva Air31.07.20211 955 Search Flights
SeoulScoot01.10.2021390 Search Flights
San FranciscoUnited Airlines17.09.20211 538 Search Flights
Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam Airlines09.07.2021283 Search Flights
SingaporeScoot01.08.2021228 Search Flights
Taitung CityMandarin Airlines16.05.2021119 Search Flights

Flights to Taipei

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About Taipei

Only a century ago, the valley of the Danshui River was completely covered with rice fields and farms. But in a short time, one of the most unusual capitals of Asia has grown here. Today, Taipei (Taipei) is a bustling commercial and cultural center of the country, the seat of government and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Despite the fact that the city is young, and therefore can not boast of ancient temples or palaces, and its architecture is rather monotonous, here you can find many colorful temples, monuments to heroes and charming museums.

The main attraction of the capital is the National Palace Museum in the area of Vaishuansi with a colossal (more than 720 thousand copies) collection of samples of Chinese art. For many centuries, this collection was collected by many generations of Chinese, more than 500 years was in the Forbidden City of Beijing, hid patriots from the Japanese invaders, and in 1949 was sent to Taipei so that it would not get to the Maoists. Now it is the largest collection of samples of Chinese art in the world. Other points of interest are the Lin-Antai farm (1783, the oldest traditional residential building in Taipei), the shopping district around Snake Ellie, the World Trade Center, the National Theater and the National Concert Hall, the World Yestedi complex on Zhongshan-Nord Road with a large collection of mythology, toys and handicrafts.

An example of traditional Chinese architecture, built in not so remote times, is the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. It combines the extensive use of white marble and an elegant roof that follows the outline of the roof of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is also built in the spirit of Chinese palace architecture. This is a tall and spacious building that can accommodate up to 3 thousand people and also includes the library of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, which has 140 thousand volumes, and an art gallery named after him.

Many in the city and places of worship are the Temple of Longshan or the "Dragon Mountain" (1738), dedicated to the goddess of mercy Kuanin, the Temple of Confucius, the Paoan temple is the oldest temple of Taipei (1765), dedicated to the god of war Quan-Quang Temple of Tint'ien, famous Great Mosque (1960). Also of interest are the Botanical Gardens on Nanhai Road with the nearby Natural History Museum, the National Science Hall and the National Art Hall, the mountain resort of Alishan and the dominant mountain range of Yangminshan dominating the northern part of the capital, with a small sanshan nature reserve and a magnificent Schengen temple. One of the best examples of Chinese architecture of the Ching era is the Linh Mansion and Gardens (1893) in Banchiao. The central building, surrounded by elegantly terraced landscape with a total area of ​​7918 m² reflects the elegant lifestyle of Taiwanese nobility a century ago.

In Taipei, you can see one of the highest skyscraper in the world , "Taipei 101" . Its height is 508 m and its weight is 700,000 tons.

Transportation to Taipei City Center from Airport

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