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Kalkış Varış Kalkış Tarihi Varış Tarihi Uzaklık Bulunma Zamanı Fiyat





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Flights to Sinop

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Transportation to Sinop City Center from Airport

Sinop Airport

Sinop Airport is located 8 km from Sinop city center and is within the borders of Bostancili village.

The most used vehicle to go from Sinop airport to city center is THY's airline service. The airline service departing from the airport passes through the bus station and goes to the last stop, Sinop PTT.

There are also Minibus, Taxi and Tripuck transfer options for transportation from Sinop airport to the city center.


You can reach the important places of the city from Sinop airport by using the Tripuck transfer service. You can choose the region you want to reach from the airport and make a reservation from the Tripuck transfer page.


Another means of transportation is minibuses. Minibuses are a must in Sinop province. It takes 30 minutes to get to the city center by minibus.

Minibus route: Science Literature Faculty-Prison-Airport-Bostanci-Stad-Seyitbilal

Rent A Car

By using the Tripuck car rental service, you can reach from Sinop airport to the city center and many other surrounding areas. Considering a company with an office at the airport is important for you to easily deliver your car on your return journey. Some car hire companies may charge an extra fee when the car delivery place and delivery place are different.

Car rental companies located at Sinop airport; ENTERPRISE


You can take a taxi from Sinop Airport to the city center at a fixed fee. Because the airport is close to the city center, you can reach the city center both cheaply and quickly. The duration of the journey is extended due to the frequent stopping of airline services and minibuses. You can go directly to the place you want to go by taxi.