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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
Kuala LumpurSingaporeDirect7 October 202173 Search Flights
BangkokSingaporeDirect1 September 2021117 Search Flights
DenpasarSingaporeDirect13 November 2021124 Search Flights
ManilaSingaporeDirect10 November 2021127 Search Flights
JakartaSingaporeDirect28 December 2021158 Search Flights
PhuketSingapore1 Stop1 September 2021163 Search Flights
Phnom PenhSingaporeDirect28 August 2021179 Search Flights
Khon KaenSingapore1 Stop10 March 2022215 Search Flights
Kota KinabaluSingapore1 Stop26 July 2021220 Search Flights
Ujung PandangSingapore1 Stop31 July 2021233 Search Flights

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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
SingaporeKuala LumpurDirect17 September 202171 Search Flights
SingaporeJakartaDirect21 August 2021103 Search Flights
SingaporeDenpasarDirect23 November 2021112 Search Flights
SingaporePhuketDirect3 January 2022136 Search Flights
SingaporeCebu City1 Stop20 March 2022196 Search Flights
SingaporeHat Yai1 Stop6 December 2021250 Search Flights
SingaporePhnom PenhDirect1 August 2021285 Search Flights
SingaporeDubaiDirect3 August 2021366 Search Flights
SingaporeGuangzhou1 Stop6 December 2021371 Search Flights
SingaporeSydney1 Stop22 February 2022423 Search Flights

Direct flights from Singapore

DestinationAirlineAirlineDeparture atPriceFind tickets
AucklandSingapore Airlines17 September 20212 223 Search Flights
BangkokThai AirAsia1 December 2021127 Search Flights
BrisbaneQantas9 May 2022571 Search Flights
GuangzhouSingapore Airlines16 May 2022281 Search Flights
Cebu CityAirAsia Zest11 February 2022271 Search Flights
CopenhagenSingapore Airlines16 December 2021954 Search Flights
Luzon IslandScoot17 February 2022477 Search Flights
DhakaSingapore Airlines16 September 2021493 Search Flights
DenpasarIndonesia AirAsia22 October 2021112 Search Flights
DubaiSingapore Airlines3 August 2021368 Search Flights
FrankfurtSingapore Airlines31 July 20211 223 Search Flights
HanoiSingapore Airlines4 April 2022209 Search Flights
Hong KongScoot2 August 2021214 Search Flights
PhuketJetstar Asia8 November 2021127 Search Flights
JakartaJetstar Asia21 August 2021103 Search Flights
JohannesburgSingapore Airlines5 August 20211 106 Search Flights
Kuala LumpurScoot8 August 202171 Search Flights
Los AngelesSingapore Airlines26 July 20211 078 Search Flights
LondonBritish Airways1 December 2021840 Search Flights
MaleSingapore Airlines6 August 2021453 Search Flights

Flights to Singapore

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About Singapore

Singapore is the capital of the state of the same name in Southeast Asia, which is one of the smallest in the world. It includes the metropolis itself and 58 small islands near the southern shores of the Malacca Peninsula. The city of Singapore is located on the same island, with an area of ​​227 km2. 4.5 million people of different nationalities and religions live on its territory. The main distinguishing feature of the capital, as well as the entire state, is the peaceful coexistence of Eastern and Western culture, traditions and customs.

For a long time, Singapore was the capital of a poor country, whose inhabitants even needed fresh water, food and sand to build new houses. Since 1819, the city became a British colony. The authorities have done everything possible to turn it into a prosperous and profitable corner of the land at the intersection of trade routes from China to other states. World War II weakened Britain, which made it possible for Singapore to become an independent state.

It can be said that Singapore is a city of contrasts. Here you can walk and wonder literally every minute. Almost next to it are super-modern skyscrapers and quarters with small Chinese houses, going into which it seems that time has stopped. In Singapore, there are famous neighborhoods - China Town (Chinese), Little India (Indian) and Arab Street (Arabic). In Singapore, everyone will find something to see - hotels, the world's largest banks, ultra-modern entertainment complexes, Buddhist temples, luxury supermarkets, busy streets and parks rich in greenery.

Literally translated from the Malay language, Singapore is the "City of the Lion". According to an ancient legend, walking through his possessions, the Prince of Sumatra came across a terrible beast with a fish tail and a lion's head. Taking it as a sign from above, the prince ordered to build a city in this place and call it "Singapore". The lion is considered the ancient mythical patron of Singapore. Today, the lion is one of the symbols of the state, the image of which can be seen everywhere - on the coat of arms, stamps, postcards, envelopes and souvenirs. By the way, in Padang Square you can see the metal statue of the Sea Lion (Merlion), which reminds tourists and locals of the mythical animal.

Transportation to Singapore City Center from Airport

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