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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
JejuSeoulDirect26.01.202121 Search Flights
BusanSeoulDirect20.01.202135 Search Flights
YeosuSeoulDirect30.01.202157 Search Flights
UlsanSeoulDirect15.02.202170 Search Flights
GwangjuSeoulDirect11.02.202183 Search Flights
ManilaSeoulDirect09.10.2021147 Search Flights
KaliboSeoul1 Stop04.10.2021189 Search Flights
TaipeiSeoulDirect18.03.2021204 Search Flights
OsakaSeoulDirect29.05.2021214 Search Flights
VladivostokSeoulDirect11.11.2021242 Search Flights

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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
SeoulJejuDirect26.01.202120 Search Flights
SeoulBusanDirect20.01.202133 Search Flights
SeoulYeosuDirect27.01.202143 Search Flights
SeoulUlsanDirect20.02.202144 Search Flights
SeoulGwangjuDirect23.01.202170 Search Flights
SeoulDaeguDirect22.01.202177 Search Flights
SeoulPohangDirect22.01.2021101 Search Flights
SeoulManilaDirect03.05.2021106 Search Flights
SeoulOsakaDirect02.09.2021126 Search Flights
SeoulFukuokaDirect22.02.2021135 Search Flights

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DestinationAirlineAirlineDeparture atPriceFind tickets
AlmatyAsiana Airlines30.04.2021701 Search Flights
Abu DhabiEtihad Airways07.03.20211 162 Search Flights
BeijingAir China11.10.2021527 Search Flights
BangkokT'way Air09.03.2021257 Search Flights
Cebu CityCebu Pacific17.11.2021178 Search Flights
JejuT'way Air25.01.202121 Search Flights
Luzon IslandPhilippine Airlines21.05.2021279 Search Flights
Da NangVietnam Airlines17.11.2021411 Search Flights
DohaQatar Airways18.11.20211 967 Search Flights
DubaiEmirates10.02.2021516 Search Flights
FrankfurtLufthansa26.01.2021762 Search Flights
FukuokaT'way Air23.01.2021191 Search Flights
GuamT'way Air10.05.2021209 Search Flights
HanoiT'way Air12.04.2021164 Search Flights
Hong KongHong Kong Express Airways27.03.2021244 Search Flights
IstanbulTurkish Airlines19.03.20211 177 Search Flights
JakartaAsiana Airlines01.05.2021748 Search Flights
KaliboAirAsia Zest19.04.2021268 Search Flights
PohangJin Air22.01.2021101 Search Flights
Kuala LumpurMalaysia Airlines30.05.2021615 Search Flights

Flights to Seoul

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About Seoul

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and the largest city in the country, located on the banks of the Hang River. The name of the city, approved in 1946, comes from the Korean word "Soul" - the capital.

The first mention of the city on the site of the current Seoul dates back to the 4th century. Since 370 BC the city, then called Vireson, was the capital of the state Paekche. Later the name was changed to Hanson, and then (from the XIV century) the city was renamed Khanyan. At the same time, the city was surrounded by a powerful fortress wall, in the structure of which rocky areas of the surrounding mountains successfully fit.

The development of the city steadily continued until the XVI century. In 1592–1593, it suffered considerable damage from the Japanese forces. After the expulsion of the Japanese invaders, the period of relative calm lasted only until 1597, until the Japanese again attempted to seize the Korean capital (this time unsuccessful). In 1627 and 1636, the capital was again attacked, now the Manchu troops. Soon the city underwent a series of palace coups, the period of which lasted until the XVIII century. Since the end of the XVIII century, the city entered a period of economic and cultural flourishing, which became more turbulent with the penetration of foreign capital into the territory of Korea in the XIX century. After the accession of Korea to Japanin 1910, the city was named Kenson. Japanese rule in Kenson fell after the defeat of Japanese troops in World War II.

Since 1948, the South Korean government has been housed in Seoul. During the Korean War, Seoul twice passed into the hands of the North Korean and Chinese armies, and was badly damaged in the fighting. The city was restored only at the end of the war. In the 1980s – 1990s, Seoul significantly expanded contacts with Pyongyang , the capital of North Korea , and also signed an international agreement on reconciliation and cooperation, the results of which were consolidated in 2000 during negotiations between the heads of two states.

Today's Seoul is a major economic, transport and tourist center of the country. Due to the large number of important historical sights, the city is a popular tourist destination, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Transportation to Seoul City Center from Airport

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