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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
BangkokPhuketDirect04.05.202124 Search Flights
UtapaoPhuketDirect03.12.202178 Search Flights
Chiang MaiPhuket1 Stop17.06.202187 Search Flights
Khon KaenPhuket1 Stop23.09.202188 Search Flights
Udon ThaniPhuket1 Stop26.04.2021100 Search Flights
Hat YaiPhuketDirect02.07.2021101 Search Flights
Surat ThaniPhuket1 Stop30.10.2021110 Search Flights
Ubon RatchathaniPhuket1 Stop30.04.2021130 Search Flights
PhitsanulokPhuket1 Stop10.05.2021149 Search Flights
SingaporePhuketDirect03.12.2021156 Search Flights

Cheap Flights from Phuket

OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
PhuketBangkokDirect07.05.202124 Search Flights
PhuketUdon Thani1 Stop12.05.202189 Search Flights
PhuketChiang Mai1 Stop22.05.202192 Search Flights
PhuketSingaporeDirect13.11.202192 Search Flights
PhuketChiang Rai1 Stop07.05.202195 Search Flights
PhuketHat YaiDirect12.08.202198 Search Flights
PhuketPhitsanulok1 Stop26.05.2021112 Search Flights
PhuketUbon Ratchathani1 Stop07.05.2021116 Search Flights
PhuketKuala LumpurDirect21.02.2022116 Search Flights
PhuketNarathiwat1 Stop08.05.2021118 Search Flights

Direct flights from Phuket

DestinationAirlineAirlineDeparture atPriceFind tickets
BangkokThai AirAsia23.04.202126 Search Flights
MumbaiGo!21.07.2021224 Search Flights
Chiang MaiThai AirAsia03.05.2021109 Search Flights
Hat YaiBangkok Airways22.04.2021108 Search Flights
Hong KongCathay Pacific01.07.2021286 Search Flights
Kuala LumpurAirAsia17.02.2022117 Search Flights
MoscowAeroflot05.03.20221 203 Search Flights
SingaporeJetstar Asia28.08.2021117 Search Flights
Udon ThaniThai AirAsia18.04.2021166 Search Flights

Flights to Phuket

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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. It has one of the largest ports in the world, is one of the leading financial centers of Asia and the world, is a fusion of Eastern and European cultures.

The Pearl of the East is the most common title to describe Hong Kong. Sometimes this city-state is called Asian New York. To call Hong Kong a Chinese city is difficult, it does not look like a Chinese one, if only because almost all residents speak English. At the same time, the Hong Kongers, despite the colonial history of the city, did not become English, but they still ceased to be Chinese.

Hong Kong is far from being the largest city on earth, and not even the largest city in China - just (by the standards of the region) just over 7 million people. However, Hong Kong is an important point of the financial world, National Geographic magazine calls Hong Kong “the third of the largest financial centers in the world and the eleventh of the largest industrial zones”. Hong Kong is famous for its gold and foreign exchange markets, trade, manufacturing, the film industry and many others. By the way, the port in Hong Kong is the third largest in the world. Every year more than 7,000 ships from all over the world arrive at the Hong Kong pier.

Hong Kong earns and spends money with inexplicable insatiability: a large number of Rolls Royces travels per square kilometer across the busy streets of the city than anywhere else.

However, Hong Kong has another glory: the most populous city in the world. About 7 million Hong Kong residents live on 1,100 square kilometers of land, the population density is about 6,500 people per square kilometer. However, such statistics can be misleading, since the city is unevenly populated. Only 10 percent of the area is inhabited, which means that, on average, there are 54,000 inhabitants per square kilometer! And in the Mang Gok area, 140,000 people per square kilometer! And although Hong Kong won a lot of land from the sea, there are still areas called “danga” where people huddle in junk or boats.

Most Hong Kong residents are Cantonese (95%), mostly speaking Cantonese. There are officially two languages in the country: the Cantonese adverb of Chinese and English. A lot of Chinese moved to the city from the mainland, especially from Shanghai, as well as immigrants from India, Pakistan and Nepal, many of whom have lived in Hong Kong for several generations. Recently, more and more immigrants from the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand have come to Hong Kong, most of whom work as servants. Moreover, Hong Kong has also become home to a significant number of people from North America, Japan and Europe, which makes the city truly international.

Although legally Hong Kong is part of China, the former English colony has its own laws. All rights and freedoms inherent in a democratic state operate in the country.

Transportation to Phuket City Center from Airport

Detailed information about transportation from Phuket airport to city center is written by our editors. Transportation information will soon be on our page.

You will be transported from Phuket airport by Taxi, Bus and many other transfer options, you can easily organize your transfer.