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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
DetroitMiamiDirect9 August 202133 Search Flights
AtlantaMiamiDirect9 August 202135 Search Flights
ChicagoMiamiDirect16 August 202142 Search Flights
PhiladelphiaMiamiDirect11 August 202146 Search Flights
OrlandoMiamiDirect6 August 202152 Search Flights
Myrtle BeachMiamiDirect16 August 202154 Search Flights
CincinnatiMiamiDirect8 August 202158 Search Flights
New YorkMiamiDirect23 August 202163 Search Flights
ProvidenceMiamiDirect26 August 202170 Search Flights
BostonMiamiDirect31 August 202178 Search Flights

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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
MiamiAtlantaDirect10 August 202138 Search Flights
MiamiDetroitDirect6 August 202143 Search Flights
MiamiOrlandoDirect8 August 202150 Search Flights
MiamiChicagoDirect19 August 202153 Search Flights
MiamiNew YorkDirect22 September 202160 Search Flights
MiamiMyrtle BeachDirect6 August 202165 Search Flights
MiamiPhiladelphiaDirect29 July 202173 Search Flights
MiamiDenverDirect20 August 202181 Search Flights
MiamiDallasDirect12 August 202182 Search Flights
MiamiBostonDirect14 October 202190 Search Flights

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DestinationAirlineAirlineDeparture atPriceFind tickets
AtlantaFrontier Airlines10 August 202138 Search Flights
AustinAmerican Airlines18 August 2021140 Search Flights
BarranquillaAvianca28 July 2021293 Search Flights
NashvilleAmerican Airlines20 August 2021116 Search Flights
BogotaAmerican Airlines15 September 2021258 Search Flights
BostonAmerican Airlines14 October 202191 Search Flights
BaltimoreFrontier Airlines11 August 202198 Search Flights
ChicagoFrontier Airlines19 August 202153 Search Flights
CaliAmerican Airlines29 August 2021340 Search Flights
CartagenaAmerican Airlines13 September 2021256 Search Flights
CancunFrontier Airlines21 January 2022208 Search Flights
DenverFrontier Airlines20 August 202181 Search Flights
DallasFrontier Airlines12 August 202183 Search Flights
DetroitFrontier Airlines6 August 202143 Search Flights
Key WestAmerican Eagle4 August 2021147 Search Flights
Grand Cayman IslandAmerican Airlines28 December 2021281 Search Flights
Guatemala CityFrontier Airlines12 September 2021201 Search Flights
HavanaAmerican Airlines25 November 2021340 Search Flights
HoustonAmerican Airlines16 September 2021152 Search Flights
IndianapolisAmerican Airlines24 July 2021193 Search Flights

Flights to Miami

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About Miami

Being one of the largest metropolitan areas of the United States , Miami remains the most "Latin" metropolis of the country - about 70% of the total population of Latin Americans. In the official language of America, English, as a native, only a small part of people speak. This situation is almost the entire peninsula. This slightly separates Florida from other states. Miami has a relatively small size, its area - 143.1 km ² - slightly more than the area of New York's Manhattan, and the population of the city itself is less than half a million. The whole city lies on the plain, its highest place is at a height of about seven meters.

Miami is the second largest city in Florida, serves as its main financial center and base for the largest corporations in Latin America. In addition, there are television and recording studios of well-known companies, which undoubtedly makes Miami not only the main place for parties on the entire southeastern US coast, but also the business center, where a large number of officials flow. Perhaps because of this, so many people tend to move to live in Miami.

The city was founded in 1896, and its population at that time did not exceed five hundred people. Up to this point in the territory of the current metropolis there were only small settlements. The earliest of them, in the sixteenth century, were inhabited by Indians, who were exterminated by newly arrived whites and Latin Americans. Finally taking control of the entire peninsula, the Americans began to equip the area. After Miami received city status, the population began to grow significantly - in a couple of decades Miami became one of the most populated cities on the southeast coast.

One of the most important events that influenced the demographics of Miami was the mass immigration of Cubans in the 1960s. According to some reports, about five hundred thousand people fled from Cuba to Florida. Soon, in Miami, entire areas of immigrants began to form, which, of course, caused intense discontent of the indigenous people. Since the 1990s, the authorities have been actively fighting against the uncontrolled growth of immigration. To date, there are no open problems with this.

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