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MilanLondonDirect12.03.202123 Search Flights
DublinLondonDirect22.02.202124 Search Flights
AthensLondonDirect12.04.202128 Search Flights
BucharestLondonDirect04.03.202130 Search Flights
BudapestLondonDirect19.06.202139 Search Flights
PragueLondonDirect20.03.202140 Search Flights
VilniusLondonDirect29.03.202141 Search Flights
Saint PetersburgLondonDirect04.04.202141 Search Flights
KrakowLondonDirect19.03.202142 Search Flights
GdanskLondonDirect01.04.202145 Search Flights

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LondonMilanDirect12.03.202124 Search Flights
LondonDublinDirect25.02.202126 Search Flights
LondonBucharestDirect04.04.202129 Search Flights
LondonBarcelonaDirect31.03.202133 Search Flights
LondonAthensDirect10.04.202135 Search Flights
LondonFaroDirect09.06.202135 Search Flights
LondonBudapestDirect25.03.202137 Search Flights
LondonMadrid1 Stop14.03.202142 Search Flights
LondonLisbonDirect10.05.202145 Search Flights
LondonSaint PetersburgDirect13.03.202145 Search Flights

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AccraBritish Airways04.06.2021587 Search Flights
LanzaroteEasyJet01.06.2021129 Search Flights
Addis AbabaEthiopian Airlines26.02.2021750 Search Flights
MalagaWizz Air30.03.202128 Search Flights
AlicanteRyanair02.06.202154 Search Flights
AlgiersAir Algerie10.04.2021494 Search Flights
AmmanRoyal Jordanian17.07.2021467 Search Flights
AmsterdamEasyJet11.04.202177 Search Flights
AthensRyanair29.03.202122 Search Flights
AntalyaEasyJet27.04.2021166 Search Flights
BacauBlue Air05.03.202123 Search Flights
BarcelonaVueling20.04.202153 Search Flights
BerlinRyanair16.04.202156 Search Flights
BelfastEasyJet02.08.202175 Search Flights
BridgetownVirgin Atlantic14.05.2021561 Search Flights
BangkokBritish Airways18.11.2021771 Search Flights
BengaluruBritish Airways18.06.2021597 Search Flights
BordeauxEasyJet20.05.202198 Search Flights
BourgasEasyJet02.07.2021110 Search Flights
MumbaiBritish Airways23.02.2021516 Search Flights

Flights to London

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About London

London is the political, economic and cultural center of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the capital of England, the largest city on the British Isles with a population of 8.8 million people (data for 2017). The name of the city comes from the Latin word "Londinium". What, in turn, meant this word, scientists have not been able to establish reliably. There are many versions, among the most popular ones - the origin from the Latin Lond (wild forest place) or from the Celtic Llyn (lake) and Dun (fortification). In favor of the latter is the fact that in the Celtic period the city was called Llyndid.

London was founded in 43 AD Emperor Claudius, during the Roman campaign in Britain. Throughout its history, the city has experienced many ups and downs, was repeatedly destroyed by fire and rebuilt, experienced epidemics and passed from hand to hand: it belonged to the Romans, Britons, Vikings, the French.

In the Middle Ages, London was a fairly large city and an important trading center. The development of the city began by leaps and bounds with the coming to power of the Tudor dynasty: churches, hospitals, theaters were built. In the 17th century, having survived another great fire and another tragic plague epidemic, London became the financial heart of the world, which was greatly facilitated by the opening of the Bank of England in London.

In 1707 London became the capital of Great Britain, a state created through the union of England and Scotland. The 19th century is marked by the rapid industrialization and urbanization of all the countries of Europe and North America. Great Britain was no exception, and a huge number of plants and factories opened in London, the city became the largest city in the world, and by the beginning of the 20th century its population was about 6 million people.

Having suffered from bombing during the First and Second World Wars, from the consequences of the Great Depression, from the ecological tragedy called the “Great Smog”, London stopped its development, its population began to decline. Only at the beginning of the 21st century was a city development plan adopted, representing a series of measures aimed at increasing the population, building new skyscrapers, improving the public transport system, etc.

Despite the fact that London is almost 2000 years old, there is little evidence of its venerable age in the city’s architecture: there are practically no ancient ruins, medieval streets and magnificent Renaissance palaces. There are few structures in it that are more than 400 years old. Yet history, the pulse of centuries and the national character are felt in the image of London, like in no other metropolis of the world, making the British capital the desired goal of absolutely all travelers.

Transportation to London City Center from Airport

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