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ShanghaiGuangzhouDirect28.02.202197 Search Flights
HangzhouGuangzhouDirect27.02.2021118 Search Flights
HaikouGuangzhouDirect22.02.2021128 Search Flights
YichangGuangzhouDirect23.02.2021139 Search Flights
JieyangGuangzhouDirect28.02.2021143 Search Flights
ZhengzhouGuangzhouDirect27.02.2021181 Search Flights
SanyaGuangzhou1 Stop23.02.2021208 Search Flights
ChengduGuangzhouDirect18.02.2021214 Search Flights
ChongqingGuangzhouDirect19.02.2021215 Search Flights
XianGuangzhouDirect21.02.2021218 Search Flights

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GuangzhouChongqingDirect15.03.2021114 Search Flights
GuangzhouBeijingDirect28.02.2021125 Search Flights
GuangzhouShanghaiDirect19.02.2021126 Search Flights
GuangzhouLijiangDirect21.02.2021153 Search Flights
GuangzhouSanyaDirect01.03.2021181 Search Flights
GuangzhouUrumqi1 Stop19.03.2021257 Search Flights
GuangzhouSingapore1 Stop12.05.2021325 Search Flights
GuangzhouChangshaDirect29.04.2021369 Search Flights
GuangzhouXianDirect30.04.2021420 Search Flights
GuangzhouMoscowDirect05.07.2021537 Search Flights

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ChongqingBeijing Capital Airlines18.03.2021121 Search Flights
ChangshaChina Southern Airlines29.04.2021369 Search Flights
MoscowAeroflot17.08.2021537 Search Flights
XianHainan Airlines30.04.2021420 Search Flights
SingaporeSingapore Airlines20.07.2021840 Search Flights
TokyoAll Nippon Airways24.02.20211 267 Search Flights

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About Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a sub-provincial city in the People's Republic of China. It is the capital of Guangdong Province , the political, economic, scientific, technical, cultural, educational and transportation center of southern China, and the fourth largest city in China after Beijing , Shanghai and Tianjin.
Guangzhou is one of more than two dozen cities in China, whose history goes back over two thousand years. Judging by written sources, the date of foundation of the city is considered to be 214 BC. e. Originally it was called Panyu (the word is derived from the names of two adjacent mountains - Pan and Yu). In 206 BC. e. Panyu became the capital of the kingdom of Nanyu and expanded to include many neighboring lands.

After the kingdom of Nanyue was annexed by the Han dynasty, Panyu acquired the status of a provincial capital. Given that here was located the prefecture of Guang, the city and became known as Guangzhou . However, despite the new name, the territory outside the city walls continued to be called Panyu until the end of the Qin dynasty in 206 AD. Today, Panyu is a district of Guangzhou, which shares the Pearl River with the main part of the city.

The ancient book of Tang Guangzhou is described as the most important port in southern China. Since the 8th century, Persian and Arab merchants have arrived here for outlandish Chinese goods. This time is significant by the fact that between the Middle East and China began to establish direct communication, and Guangzhou itself began to rapidly develop as a shopping center. Therefore, the whole history of the city is very closely connected with trade.

In 1517, immigrants from Portugal arrived in China , which became monopolists in the field of foreign trade. But already in 1557 they were ousted in Guangzhou, although Macao remained at their disposal . The Portuguese monopoly on foreign trade persisted in the region until the 17th century — then the Dutch arrived in the country and began to establish their own rules.

In 1683, Taiwan entered the control of China , and the government became even more accessible to international trade. The result was that ships from all over the world began to sail in Guangzhou. By the end of the 17th century, Indians, Arabs, Spaniards, Dutch, and Portuguese took an active part in commerce in Guangzhou. A little later, the British, French, Danes, Swedes, Italians, Americans and Australians joined them. In the middle of the XVIII century, Guangzhou acquired the status of one of the largest trading ports, as well as one of the most influential and richest cities in the world.

The Opium Wars, which lasted from 1840 to 1842 ( Great Britain fought against the Qing Empire, and from 1856 to 1860 (Great Britain and France fought against the Qing Empire), have a very negative impact on the city . During these wars, the city was more than once occupied by foreign troops. Thus began the era of an even greater European invasion of China, which became a major exporter of labor in the countries of Southeast Asia and the United States .

In 1918, the City Council was founded in Guangzhou and the official name of the city, Guangzhou, was approved. Up until the beginning of World War II, the city lived a more or less quiet life, but in wartime it was occupied by Japanese troops, who began to test in it bacteriological weapons. After the end of the war, the city experienced a decline and could not recover for a long time.

In the 70s of the 20. century, Deng Xiaoping came to power, who implemented very important reforms. Guangzhou began to grow rapidly in terms of the economy - opened new factories, factories and other industries. A significant role in this was played by the fact that the city had a very favorable geographical position. From then until now, the Guangdong capital has been in a state of rapid development.

Today, Guangzhou is not only the most important center of the country in terms of culture, education, politics, economics, science, industry, etc., but also the largest tourist center of China, where hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come every year.

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