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Flights from Eskisehir to Zonguldak

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You can also find information about transportation from airport to city and city to airport at flights from Eskisehir to Zonguldak page. Tripuck offers the widest selection of flights from Eskisehir to Zonguldak.

Transportation to Eskisehir Airport from the City Center

Eskisehir Anadolu Airport

Eskisehir Anadolu Airport, is located in Eskişehir Anadolu University Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It is 6 km from the city center.

If you want to go to the airport with your private car, you can reach the city center in 6 minutes. Since it is an airport belonging to the university, you have to get information from the University about parking. There is no detailed information about price tariff and airport parking.

You can also use the bus, taxi and trip transfer to get to Eskişehir airport. Although there is a light rail in Eskişehir, it does not provide transportation to the airport. However, you can reach the airport by other transportation after you have left the light rail.


It is possible to reach the Eskisehir airport from the important locations of the city by using Tripuck transfer service. You can choose the region you want to reach from the Tripuck transfer page and make a reservation.


You have many options to reach the airport by city buses. Because the airport is located at Anadolu University 2 Eylül Campus, you should choose the municipal buses going to this campus. Bus numbers, color and departure points to the airport are listed below. For detailed information, you can visit Eskişehir municipality web site.

No Bus Colour Departure
4 Blue Anadolu University Yunusemre Campus
85 Black Batıkent Neighborhood
4 Red Yıldız
56 Black Yenikent Neighborhood
55 Black University Homes
63 Red Vadisehir Neighborhood

Rent a Car

You can reach Eskisehir airport with your vehicle you have rented. There is no car rental company in Eskişehir Anadolu Airport with an office. Please inform the company you rented the vehicle that you will be traveling at the airport.


You can get to the airport quickly by taxi from the city center. You will not have to pay too much for the airport to be close to the city center. You do not have to ask your taxi driver how much you will pay to the airport from where you are going to.

Transportation to Zonguldak City Center from Airport

Zonguldak Caycuma Airport

Zonguldak Caycuma Airport is located 56 km away from the city center of Zonguldak and is located in Çaycuma district.

There are also Bus, Taxi and Tripuck transfer options for transportation from Zonguldak Caycuma airport to the city center.


You can reach the important places of the city from Zonguldak Caycuma airport by using the Tripuck transfer service. You can choose the region you want to reach from the airport and make a reservation from the Tripuck transfer page.


After leaving the airport, you can go to the city center by bus. You can find stop and route information on the municipality's website.

Rent A Car

By using the Tripuck car rental service, you can reach Zonguldak airport from the city center and many surrounding areas. There are no car rental companies office at the Zonguldak Caycuma Airport. The car rental companies in the city center bring you the car you rent to the airport. You can deliver your vehicle at the city center or at the airport.


If you want to go to Zonguldak city center, Karadeniz Eregli and Kozlu, it will not be a cheap trip because it is far away. You can try to reduce the cost you pay by negotiating with the taxi driver.