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Flights from Cordoba to Sirnak

You can find the cheapest flights from Cordoba to Sirnak by searching from our panel on our page. You can buy cheapest flights from Cordoba to Sirnak which can filter by airline, price, airport, hour and many other criterions.

You can also find information about transportation from airport to city and city to airport at flights from Cordoba to Sirnak page. Tripuck offers the widest selection of flights from Cordoba to Sirnak.

Transportation to Cordoba Airport from the City Center

Cordoba Airport

Cordoba airport is located 9 km from Cordoba city center and is also known as Pajas Blancas airport. Another name for the airport is Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport.

If you want to go to the airport with your private car from Cordoba city center, you can reach in 13 minutes on normal traffic via Av Monseñor Pablo Cabrera and E53. However, there are paid transfers on this route. Parking is free for the first 15 minutes at the airport. It is charged hourly after 15 minutes. Airport parking is free for disabled passengers. This is checked by your ISA with your ID number.

There are also Bus, Taxi and Tripuck transfer options to reach the Cordoba Pajas Blancas airport.


It is possible to reach the Cordoba airport from important locations of the city by using Tripuck transfer service. You can choose the region you want to reach from the Tripuck transfer page and make a reservation.


In the city of Cordoba public transport is carried out by buses operated by the ERSA group. You can find buses to take you to the bus terminal from many points in the city. Aerobus buses depart from the bus terminal to the airport.

Aerobus bus route: Bus Terminal, Bv Illia, Balcarce-San Jerónimo, April 27, Paraguay- Coronel Olmedo, Av. Colon, Santa Fe, Castro Barros, MP Cabrera, Av. La Voz del Interior, Cordoba International Airport

Rent a Car

You can reach the airport of Cordoba Pajas Blancas with the vehicle you have rented. If you choose one of the car hire companies with an office at the airport, you can deliver your car and go to your plane. If you have rented your car from other companies, please notify the location and time of delivery to the company in advance.

  Car hire companies located at Cordoba Pajas Blancas airport: REMISES, LOCALIZA, ALAMO, NATIONAL, THRIFTY HERTZ, AVIS, BUDGET


You can reach the airport by taxi from the city center or from your hotel. Confirm the amount you will pay with the taxi driver in advance. You can make a comfortable and fast transportation by taxi.

Transportation to Sirnak City Center from Airport

Sirnak Serafettin Elci Airport

Sirnak Serafettin Elci airport is located 59 km from the city center of Sirnak and 13 km from the center of Cizre city.

The easiest way to reach the city center from the airport is by private services. Since transportation is limited, they offer both cheap and comfortable travel according to other options.

There are also Bus, Taxi and Tripuck transfer options for transportation from Sirnak Serafettin Elci airport to the city center.


You can reach the important places of the city from Sirnak Serafettin Elci airport by using the Tripuck transfer service. You can choose the region you want to reach from the airport and make a reservation from the Tripuck transfer page.


You can reach Cizre by bus from the airport. We recommend you to find bus routes and detail information.

Rent A Car

By using the Tripuck car rental service, you can reach Sirnak airport from the city center and many surrounding areas. There are no car rental companies office at the Sirnak Serafettin Elci Airport. The car rental companies in the city center bring you the car you rent to the airport. You can deliver your vehicle at the city center or at the airport.


If you want to go to Cizre from Sirnak airport, you can think of taxi option. If you want to go to Sirnak city center, the journey takes 1 hour. Due to the distance of Şırnak province, the fee is higher. Negotiate with the taxi driver.