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About Bushehr

In the south of Iran is located Bushehr - a port city and the administrative center of the same name Ostan. Its territory extends along the coast of the Persian Gulf. Bushehr began its history in 1736 as a small settlement at the site of the ancient settlement of Rishehr. The first nuclear power plant in the country is being built on the territory of the south-western suburbs of the modern city.

In 1763, the British East India Company established its transshipment point in Bushehr after agreement with Karim Khan. At the end of the 18th century, a naval base established by the British operated in the city. In the 19th century, the city’s port became one of the largest on the Persian Gulf coast. During the Anglo-Persian war of 1856-1857, the city at one time was in the occupying British zone.

During the First World War, Bushehr occupied English troops. Their main goal was to prevent the establishment of German control in these places. During the Second World War, Bushehr, like the Iraqi Basra , was the main port through which military transport and other necessary goods were delivered to the Soviet Union through Iran .

In modern Bushehr, located in the south-west of the country, mostly Shiite Persians live. In addition, the national minority here are African ethnic groups and Arabs. In 1975, the construction of a nuclear power plant began in the vicinity of the city. The developer was a German concern. But in 1980, construction was conserved because of the sanctions imposed on Iran after the end of the Islamic revolution.

In 1992, an agreement was signed between the Russian government and Iran on the construction of a nuclear power plant near Bushehr. After 6 years, Atomstroyexport has restored construction work at a previously shut down nuclear power plant. For a number of technical reasons, in particular the difficulties in using German equipment and facilities, the project remained unrealized to the end.

The modern city is known from ancient times by the masters of carpet weaving. Products made by local artisans were popular in many countries. The city has developed textile production and fishing. Among the goods exported are wool, cotton, and carpets. The city is connected with Tehran by a modern automobile route.

Transportation to Bushehr City Center from Airport

Bushehr Airport

Bushehr airport is 8 km from Bushehr city center.

Airlines flying to the airport; Iran Air, Aseman Airlines, Qeshm Air, Mahan Air, Zagros Airlines

There are also Taxi and Tripuck transfer options for transportation from Bushehr airport to the city center.


You can reach the important places of the city from Bushehr airport by using the Tripuck transfer service. You can choose the region you want to reach from the airport and make a reservation from the Tripuck transfer page.

Rent A Car

By using the Tripuck car rental service, you can reach Bushehr airport from the city center and many surrounding areas. There are no car rental companies office at the Bushehr Airport. The car rental companies in the city center bring you the car you rent to the airport. You can deliver your vehicle at the city center or at the airport.


You can choose the taxi from the airport to the city center at the exit of the terminal building. It is the most logical way to reach the city center from the airport. It also offers you to not pay a high fee because it is close to the city center.

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