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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
ViennaBrusselsDirect16.04.202120 Search Flights
WarsawBrusselsDirect12.06.202122 Search Flights
MilanBrusselsDirect26.04.202123 Search Flights
ManchesterBrusselsDirect17.05.202126 Search Flights
PortoBrusselsDirect16.04.202129 Search Flights
PragueBrusselsDirect09.05.202131 Search Flights
DublinBrusselsDirect15.06.202134 Search Flights
BudapestBrusselsDirect09.04.202135 Search Flights
BerlinBrusselsDirect23.06.202138 Search Flights
TurinBrusselsDirect11.06.202144 Search Flights

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OriginDestinationStopsDeparture atPriceFind tickets
BrusselsWarsawDirect13.04.202118 Search Flights
BrusselsMilanDirect16.04.202124 Search Flights
BrusselsBarcelonaDirect27.05.202127 Search Flights
BrusselsZaragozaDirect21.05.202130 Search Flights
BrusselsMarseilleDirect04.05.202133 Search Flights
BrusselsBucharest1 Stop14.05.202137 Search Flights
BrusselsMaltaDirect12.04.202140 Search Flights
BrusselsBerlin1 Stop03.05.202141 Search Flights
BrusselsDublin1 Stop07.05.202142 Search Flights
BrusselsRomeDirect12.04.202143 Search Flights

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DestinationAirlineAirlineDeparture atPriceFind tickets
AbidjanBrussels Airlines01.09.2021673 Search Flights
AccraBrussels Airlines02.08.20211 315 Search Flights
LanzaroteJetairfly04.09.2021393 Search Flights
Addis AbabaEthiopian Airlines15.04.2021832 Search Flights
MalagaRyanair29.04.202179 Search Flights
AlicanteRyanair19.06.202191 Search Flights
AmmanRyanair13.07.2021345 Search Flights
AthensRyanair02.05.2021112 Search Flights
AntalyaSun Express04.05.2021222 Search Flights
BacauBlue Air30.04.202169 Search Flights
BarcelonaRyanair28.05.202130 Search Flights
BrindisiRyanair25.06.2021117 Search Flights
BerlinRyanair29.05.202130 Search Flights
BeirutMiddle East Airlines08.05.2021429 Search Flights
BanjulBrussels Airlines16.04.2021584 Search Flights
BodrumCorendon Airlines13.06.2021275 Search Flights
BariRyanair01.08.2021169 Search Flights
BudapestRyanair11.07.202155 Search Flights
BucharestRyanair26.06.202186 Search Flights
CasablancaRoyal Air Maroc17.04.2021224 Search Flights

Flights to Brussels

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About Brussels

Brussels is Belgium's largest city and also its capital. Both NATO and the EU have their headquarters here and because of this, Brussels is one of the most internationalized capitals in Europe. A quarter of the population are foreign nationals and this makes its mark on the city. Brussels has a long and long history, the city was founded as early as 979.

Brussels has both been leveled and occupied throughout history, but during World War II it was one of the cities that did best. The city is today one of Europe's most beautiful and has a lot to offer visitors.

In Brussels, mainly French is spoken, which is the dominant language. Only 10-15% speak Dutch, Flemish. In a small, limited area, German is spoken. If you want to make yourself understood in English, this is not a problem, the population is very fluent in the language. Brussels has a diversity of different cultures few other capitals can match. The city's different regions have their own charming character and it cheers up as the city never gets boring or predictable.

The city is known for its many cozy cafes, high-class restaurants and good beers. If you settle down at one of the city's all different cafes or restaurants, chances are good that moules frites are on the menu. Moules frites are cooked mussels with french fries, which may sound a little daunting. However, the dish is good and french fries are something that the Belgians are very proud of. It is firmly claimed that french fries originated in Belgium and that it was added to Wallonia in 1680. If this is the definitive truth, we leave it unsaid, but it can be stated that french fries are very common in Brussels and you often get them with mayonnaise.

When it comes to sights, Brussels may not have the most impressive range of all the capitals in the world. However, Manneken Pis is a classic. The statue with the peeing boy is world famous and many photographs are taken daily of this city symbol. If you are instead interested in cars, a visit to Autoworld is recommended, which is a car museum with over 450 different vehicles. Above all, there are many vintage cars, so if you like old cars, you will not be disappointed.

Transportation to Brussels City Center from Airport

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