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Flights from Belem to Ordu

You can find the cheapest flights from Belem to Ordu by searching from our panel on our page. You can buy cheapest flights from Belem to Ordu which can filter by airline, price, airport, hour and many other criterions.

You can also find information about transportation from airport to city and city to airport at flights from Belem to Ordu page. Tripuck offers the widest selection of flights from Belem to Ordu.

Transportation to Belem Airport from the City Center

Val de Cans International Airport

Val de Cans International Airport is 12 km from the city center of Belem.

If you want to go to the airport with your private car from Belem city center, you can reach in about 12 minutes via Rod. Arthur Bernardes. There are 700 car parking spaces for short and long term parking at the airport. Please call the airport to find the tariff for the airport car park.

There are also Bus, Taxi and Tripuck transfer options to reach Val de Cans International Airport.


It is possible to reach Val de Cans International airport from important locations of the city by using Tripuck transfer service. You can choose the region you want to reach from the Tripuck transfer page and make a reservation.


Belem buses work until 11:00 pm. The airport is 30 minutes by bus from the city center. Buses 638 and 634 take you to the airport. We recommend that you choose bus 638, especially from the Mercado De São Brás in the city center. If you are traveling by public transport buses in Belem, you can reach the airport according to your location in other lines.

Rent a Car

You can reach the Val de Cans International Airport by car you have rented. At the airport, you can deliver your car to the car rental companies, which are offices in the airport, and you can go to your flight. You have inform the company about place and time of delivery, if you rented a company that has not office at the airport.

Car rental companies located at Val de Cans International airport; ALAMO, FORMULA ZERO, HERTZ, MOVIDA, LOCALIZA, SIXT, UNIDAS


Although the bus fare is much cheaper than the taxi, you may not prefer it because of waiting at bus stops. Because the airport is close to the city center, you can pay a taxi fee of 15 USD. You can also bargain with taxi drivers in Belem.

Transportation to Ordu City Center from Airport

Ordu-Giresun Airport

Ordu-Giresun airport is located 26 km from the city center of Ordu and 30 km from the center of Giresun and is located on the border of Gülyalı district.

There are also Havas, Taxi and Tripuck transfer options for transportation from Ordu-Giresun airport to the city center.


You can reach the important places of the city from Ordu-Giresun airport by using the Tripuck transfer service. You can choose the region you want to reach from the airport and make a reservation from the Tripuck transfer page.


For all flights to the airport, Havas organizes buses to Ordu and Giresun. If you do not have a lot of transportation from the airport and want a cheap and comfortable solution you can use Havas services. Havas buses can be accessed from the table below for detailed route information.

Destination Route Travel Time / Ticket Price Drop-off Points
Ordu  Ordu-Giresun Airport, Ordu, Kumbaşı, Fatsa, Ünye • Ünye: 18 TL
• Fatsa: 15 TL                                  
• Kumbaşı: 9 TL
• Ordu: 9 TL
Approximately 95 minutes from the departure point.
• Ünye : Bus Terminal
• Fatsa : Dolunay, Bus Terminal
• Kumbaşı : In front of Metro Coach Company Office
• Ordu : Bus Terminal​
Giresun Ordu-Giresun Airport, Bulancak, Giresun, Keşap, Espiye, Tirebolu, Görele, Eynesil • Eynesil: 20 TL
• Tirebolu: 18 TL                                  
• Espiye: 18 TL
• Keşap: 12 TL
• Giresun: 12 TL
Approximately 125 minutes from the departure point.
• Eynesil: Parking Lot,Opposite of Eynesil Municipality 
• Görele: Opposite of Bus Terminal Black Sea Coast Road Bus Stop
• Tirebolu: Kamil Koç Office in Bus Terminal
• Espiye: Opposite of Bus Terminal under overpass
• Keşap: ın Front of Bus Terminal
• Giresun: Harbor Car Park, Bus Station Interchange
• Bulancak: In front of Kılıç Furniture

Rent A Car

By using the Tripuck car rental service, you can reach from Ordu-Giresun airport to the city center and many other surrounding areas. Considering a company with an office at the airport is important for you to easily deliver your car on your return journey. Some car hire companies may charge an extra fee when the car delivery place and delivery place are different.

Car rental companies located at Ordu-Giresun airport; ASG RENT A CAR, ÇAKRA, OFTAŞ


Ordu and Giresun city centers are reached by taxi within 20-25 minutes. Although the taxi option is more costly than Havas, it is the fastest means of transportation. No waiting. It takes you to the destination you want the fastest.