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You can also find information about transportation from airport to city and city to airport at flights from Baku to Bursa page. Tripuck offers the widest selection of flights from Baku to Bursa.

Transportation to Baku Airport from the City Center

Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Heydar Aliyev International Airport is located 24 km from the city center of Baku, and is located on the Bina boundaries of Baku. The former name was Bina International Airport.

If you want to get to the airport with your private vehicle from Baku city center, you can reach it via Zigh Highway in 25 minutes. There is a parking lot for 600 cars at the airport. Payment in the parking lot is only in cash. Parking fee starts from 1 AZN for the first 2 hours to 5 AZN per day. If you lose your parking card you will be charged 10 AZN. You can ask how much you will pay for the airport, if you will leave your car in the parking lot for a long time.

To access the Heydar Aliyev International Airport, also Buses, Minibuses, Taxis and Tripuck transfer options are also available.


It is possible to reach Heydar Aliyev International airport from important locations of the city by using Tripuck transfer service. You can also transfer from Azerbaijan cities such as Sumqayit, Ganja, Mingachevir, Lankaran, Nakhchivan and Shaki. You can choose the region you want to reach from the Tripuck transfer page and make a reservation.


You have 2 options to go to Baku Heydar Aliyev airport by bus. These are the T1 Aero Express airport bus and the N16 public bus. The bus is boarded with a Baku card.

Aero Express is moving at 30 minute intervals from the train station. With Baku card, 1.30 AZN (manat) is charged. There is a fare of 1.50 AZN (manat) with a one-way ticket. The bus departs from the 28May Metro / Central Railway Bus Station to the airport and passes through the Koroglu metro station.

It takes 40-60 minutes to the airport N16. Every 30 minutes it is moving from Samed Vurgun Park in the center of Baku city. 1 AZN ticket price is cheaper than Aero Express when considered.


The cheapest way to get to Baku airport is to use minibuses. Minibuses departing from 28 May Metro Station can be used at a price of 0,40 AZN. Since the minibuses do not go to the airport terminal, you have to walk for 15 minutes.

Rent a Car

You can reach Heydar Aliyev Airport with the car you have rented. If you choose one of the car hire companies with an office at the airport, you can deliver your car and go to your plane. If you have rented your car from other companies, please notify the location and time of delivery to the company in advance.

Car rental companies in Heydar Aliyev Airport: AZNUR, 3CLICK CAR HIRE, TIPOA CAR HIRE


There is also a taxi option to go to Baku airport. The best price to go to the airport is a charge of 15 AZN. Taxi drivers in Baku do not like opening taximeters. Therefore, please agree with the taxi driver in advance about how much you will pay to go to the airport. Be sure to bargain with the taxi driver about fare. They may also ask for an extra fee when you arrive at the airport.

Transportation to Bursa City Center from Airport

Bursa Yenisehir Airport

Bursa Yenisehir Airport is located 58 km from the city center and is within the boundaries of Yenişehir District.

Public transportation services in Bursa city are made by BURULAS company. Burulas services include Bursaray (Train), Burtram (Tram), Bus, BUDO (Sea Bus), Sea plane and Helitaxi. You can make a detailed route search from BURULAS company website.

There are also Bus, Taxi and Tripuck transfer options for transportation from Yenisehir Airport to the city center.


You can reach the important places of the city from Bursa Yenisehir airport by using the Tripuck transfer service. You can choose the region you want to reach from the airport and make a reservation from the Tripuck transfer page.


Bursa Airport has municipal buses going to the city center according to the landing time of the plane. It is possible to reach the city center at the cheapest price by using the number 80 line.

Bus number 80 route: Yenişehir Airport, Ankara Road, Merinos Station, Darmstat Street, Kent Square


The minibuses departing from Yenişehir district center pass through the airport and go to Bursa city center. The last stop is the East garage stop.

Rent A Car

By using the Tripuck car rental service, you can reach from Bursa Yenisehir airport to the city center and many surrounding areas. There is only the office of SIXT car rental company in Bursa Yenisehir Airport. Considering a company with an office at the airport is important for you to easily deliver your car on your return journey.


You can get to the city center by taxi, which is often used by ski lovers. Since the airport is not very close to the city, the fee will be much higher than the other alternatives. You can ask for a discount by negotiating with the taxi driver.