In the great Himalayas, a small but interesting state of Bhutan was hidden. The peoples of the world nicknamed him the Kingdom of Happiness, the land of dragons and an Asian fairy tale. Traveling to Bhutan is an interesting, impressive adventure. It will give you a lot of memories and useful knowledge. They are going […]



The Republic of Azerbaijan is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, in the east of the Transcaucasus. Some sources attribute this vast state to Front Asia and the Middle East, while others add belonging to Eastern Europe. It is the largest country in the Transcaucasian region and by area (86,600 sq. Km), and […]


Low cost airlines

Not all low cost airlines are available on price comparision websites like Skyscanner, Wego or Tripuck. You can find Ryanair, Easyjet and WizzAir in the search, but two dozen others will not be there. If you rely on the results of price comparisons, you will not find many airlines and in most cases pay too high a […]



Vietnam is a state in southeast Asia, located on the Indochina peninsula and washed from the east and from the south by the South China Sea. Officially, the country is called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The neighboring states of Vietnam are Laos and Cambodia, with which Vietnam borders in the west, as well as China, the […]

Black Friday - Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few minutes away. Do you know that if you do your shopping these days, you will get more promotions and discounts? Especially in America, by following the discounts at Black Friday and Cyber Monday days, you’ve seen the news of people who buy products at incredible prices. Firstly […]

Koycegiz: The Journey to the Quiet Face of Muğla

Summers remind all of us the time of vacation. We’d like to have that holiday coming. It is even so that everyone starts to make plans before a couple of months. Some want a hotel holiday, while others may want a discovery holiday. Apart from these, there may be people who want to leave their […]

Yuvarlak Creek: Muğla’s Refreshment Place

There are many places to visit in Mugla, which is the most frequent place of summer months. Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris as well as the most well known borders, as well as extraordinary places are missing. You will love Koycegiz which is among these places especially Yuvarlak Creek! Let me explain why. If you want a […]

Have not gone on holiday yet?

We arrived mid-August. Soon the hot weather will come to an end. The holiday regions and beaches will drain and the sea will cool. Your favorite restaurants will lock your doors to meet next year. Have not you gone on holiday yet? We recommend you; If you have not made your vacation plan, then compare […]