windrose havayolları


  • Founded in 2003
  • Airport Location: Ukraine
  • Owner: Ukrainian Aviation Group
  • Number of targets: Changes according to season
  • Objectives: Domestic and International
  • Member of an alliance: -
  • Frequent Flyer Program : -
  • Aircraft Types: Airbus A320 / A321 / A330-200, Embraer 145
  • Average age aircraft:-
  • Number of aircraft: 11
  • Aircraft manufacturer with which the airline Windrose co-operates: Airbus


It is a Ukrainian charter airline company established in 2003. The airport is in Kiev and uses Boryspil International Airport as a hub. The airline does not have scheduled flights.

According to the season and according to the demand of tour operators, the destination point of flights are changing.

According to the summer season of 2017; Windrose is flying to Austria, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Croatia and Spain.


Windrose does not have an online check-in service on its website, as airline flights are chartered.


It does not offer a loyalty program to customers who fly too many flights.

When the company has a loyalty program, the information will be updated.


Carry-on baggage

Economy, Premium and Business classes are not allowed to exceed 55x40x20 cm dimensions baggage and 5 kg hand baggage allowance. Baby passengers can be carried in a small baby carriage or cradle.

Checked baggage

The total size of baggage to be carried in cargo size can not exceed 158'cm. Baggage passing this size is charged at $ 3 per kilo in domestic and $ 10 per kilo in international lines. The baggage allowance is 23 kg for economy and premium class, 30 kg for business class. Baby passengers are also allowed to carry 10 kg of luggage.

Other luggage

Pets and sport equipment are allowed to be carry. You only need to pay extra for this baggage. Please contact the airline before departure.

Note: Tripuck does not guarantee the correctness and timeliness of the information. Contact your agency  or airline for actual luggage information