• Foundation: 1933
    • Airport Location: Turkey
    • Owner: TC Privatisation Administration (49%)
    • Number of goals: over 150
    • Objectives: over 30 destinations in Turkey, over 100 international destinations in more than 70 countries
    • Maintenance: Turkish Technic
    • Member of an alliance: Star Alliance
    • Frequent Flyer Programs: Miles & Smiles
    • Special features: online ticket and online check-in
    • Name: Thy
    • Wlan on flights with Thy: The WLAN service is offered only in selected B777-300ER aircraft. Payment is by credit card.
    • Aircraft types: Airbus A320-200 / A321-200 / A330-200 / A340-300, Boeing 737-800
    • Average age aircraft:-
    • Number of aircraft: 174
    • The airline operates with Airbus , ATR , Boeing , British Aerospace , Fokker


Turkish Airlines is the largest airline in Turkey with over 29 million passengers a year and offers its customers numerous cheap flights . Measured in terms of profit and passenger volume, it is one of the leading airlines in all of Europe besides Lufthansa, Iberia, Air France KLM and British Airways. In 2008, she joined the global Star Alliance. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded the airline in 1933. At that time, the fleet numbered only five aircraft. The first international flight took us from Ankara via Istanbul to Athens in 1947. New machines stopped the fleet so that cheap flights to Far East and North America could be offered. In 2008, Turkish Airlines, or Thy, To the Star Alliance and from then on could offer 1172 destinations in 181 countries with a single ticket. Turkish Airlines' route network includes over 30 Turkish destinations and more than 100 international destinations to which you can fly cheaply. The routes to New York and Chicago as well as the Asian region to Singapore, Bangkok and Seoul are well developed.

Miles & Smiles is the airline's bonus program. Miles can be collected on flights with Thy, as well as on flights with all Star Alliance partners. Depending on the distance, miles are collected, which can later be exchanged for bonuses. Turkish Airlines' route network includes over 30 Turkish destinations and more than 100 international destinations to which you can fly cheaply.


Passengers of the national airline Turkish Airlines can also check in online, as with all major airlines. For this purpose, Thy offers its online check-in directly on the company's website  under the main menu item "Online Services" .
Online check-in procedure
---First, the name and reservation code or the e-ticket number must be entered into the fields specified for this purpose.
---All flights for which you can check in are then displayed. Just select the desired flight. If you want to check in other travelers, this is also possible at this point. If you take part in the Miles & Smiles program, the necessary data can also be stored.
---In the third step, the passenger is given the opportunity to choose a seat in his class. The seating position can now also be determined for connecting flights.
---Once all data has been entered, you will be given the check-in confirmation. Here are all important information. Below are the details of the flight route as well as the time when you should be at the airport at the latest.
---The last step is to create the boarding pass. It is sent as a PDF, which can then be printed out. It is also possible to print them at the self check-in machine at the airport.
Check-in start time
Check-in starts 24 hours before flight.
Special features for groups
The online check-in of Turkish Airlines is also possible for groups, but there must not be more than eight people. Furthermore, the boarding passes can only be printed out if one of the registered passengers also has the credit card with which the tickets were paid.
Connecting flights and return flights
The check-in for all connecting flights is carried out automatically at the online check-in of the Turkish airline.
If the return flight takes place on the same day, this can also be checked in automatically.
Information on the baggage must not be entered during Thy online check-in. The baggage is simply handed over at the airport luggage rack. This should have been done 45 minutes before the start.


Fly and enjoy with Miles & Smiles

The possibilities to earn miles with Turkish Airlines are very wide thanks to the numerous partnerships of the program, which makes Miles & Smiles an attractive option for Central Europeans. Depending on the membership status and the tariff class, all flights with the Turkish Airlines account for between 100% and 300% of the flown miles. Even flights with the partners usually account for between 100% and 150% bonus miles. Hotel chains (Best Western, Hyatt, Kempinski) and practically all large car rentals offer further possibilities for the gathering. Purchases with the Miles & Smiles credit card bring additional bonus miles.

Bonus flights, upgrades and partner packages

The earned miles can be used for low-cost, contingent bonus flights with restricted travel dates or for fully flexible and correspondingly more expensive flight tickets. The offers begin with 10000 bonus miles for round trips in the Turkish country. Individual flights cost 60% of the miles due for round trip. Turkish Airlines also offers upgrades and discounted parc tickets. Unfortunately, the program does not offer the possibility to compensate for missing miles due to additional payments. At the beginning of the membership relevant flights are calculated retroactively for generous 12 months. Collected Miles & Smiles Miles expire after three years. Bonus flights can be purchased in favor of any person. Memberships (Miles&Smiles Classic , Classic Plus, Elite, Elite Plus)


Carry-on baggage

The free baggage allowance for hand luggage is two times eight kilograms in the Business Class, Comfort and Economy Class each weighing eight kilograms, the same for small children up to two years. The maximum size of a hand luggage piece is 23 x 40 x 55 centimeters. In all classes, a personal item is also allowed to take away, such as an action bag, a camera, a laptop or an umbrella. The hand luggage is usually marked with a label.

Checked baggage

In the case of intra-Turkic flights, the baggage allowance for business class passengers is 30 kilograms and Economy Class is 20 kilograms. The same applies to children, but babies can carry only 10 kg each. For flights from / to USA, South America, Canada, Argentina, Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Senegal, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Chad, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo Two times 32 kilograms, in the Comfort and Economy Class a maximum of two times 23 kilograms. The maximum size per bag is 158 centimeters. For small children on these flights, they are allowed to carry a piece of luggage as well as a collapsible baby carriage, But shall not exceed 23 kg and a maximum circumference of 115 cm.Regulations on all other international flights: 30 kg Freigepack in Business Class, 20 kg in Comfort as well as Economy Class. When traveling from Germany it is generally 10 kg more. Deviations or further regulations can be found on the airline website.

Other luggage

Smaller musical instruments that meet the hand luggage guidelines can be transported as such. Otherwise an additional seat must be booked, this is possible up to 75 kg weight and instrument size of 50 x 50 x 67 cm. Skis and golf equipment are transported free of charge by the airline. Special arrangements on some routes and further information should be found on the website of the Airline

Note: Tripuck does not guarantee the correctness and timeliness of the information. Contact your agency  or Turkish Airlines for actual luggage information