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Pakistan International Airlines About Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan International Airlines has its main office at Karachi Airport. It is the largest airline in Pakistan and was founded in 1946, then under the name Orient Airways. In 1951, at the instigation of the government at the time, the airline was redesigned and has since been flying under the name Pakistan International Airlines, or PIA for short.

Pakistan International Airlines’ flight schedule initially only included domestic flights in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. This changed in 1955 through the merger with Orient Aiways, which was struggling with economic difficulties. The three Orient Airways type DC-3 aircraft were used in addition to the existing fleet. Pakistan International Airlines started international flight operations after the takeover. The first goal was cheap flights to London Heathrow via Cairo and Rome with Lockheed Constellation aircraft. The domestic flights were handled with machines of the type Convair CV-240 and DC-3. Pakistan International Airlines’ DC-3s were replaced by five Vickers Viscount in 1956, and those responsible purchased three Lockheed Super Constellations. As the first low-cost airline in Asia, Pakistan International Airlines bought a Boeing 707 in 1960, which was used to fly to JFK International Airport in New York a year later.

Due to the war between India and Pakistan, flight operations were suspended for one year in 1971/72. The first wide-body aircraft was purchased as early as 1973 with a DC-10-30. In 1974 the air freight segment was added. Another big step was taken in 1982 with the purchase of the first Airbus.

Tackling the tourism market, in 1996 the company set up a helicopter service to facilitate tourist travel within the country. In 2017, it freed itself from all the Airbus A310-300s present in its fleet, aging and too greedy in fuel. Two years later, it also removes six links that are not profitable enough in order to get out of a difficult phase.

With its frequent flyer program PIA Award Plus, passengers can collect bonus miles and upgrades. The airline also works as a cargo airline and offers online tracking of all general cargo with its Speedex program.

Pakistan International Airlines Hub Airports

Karachi Jinnah International Airport (KHI / OPKC)

Islamabad International Airport (ISB / OPIS)
Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE / OPLA)

Pakistan International Airlines Classes of Service

On board, Pakistan International Airlines offers three classes: Economy class, Economy Plus and Business class. Travelers flying in Economy class will benefit from meals or snacks depending on the duration and destination of the flights. Entertainment will also be available such as movies, music or games. In Economy Plus, passengers can take one piece of checked baggage of 25 kg. Travelers seated in Business class will benefit from more comfortable seats, with more legroom.

The airline serves destinations within Pakistan and also flies to international destinations. A particular focus is on countries in the Gulf region. In other words, there are flights to the United Arab Emirates to Muscat and Doha. Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur or New Delhi and Kathmandu are also on the flight schedule. In North America and Canada, New York and Toronto are on the flight schedule, in Europe Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and Frankfurt.

The airline has a codeshare agreement with the following airlines.

China Southern Airlines Thai Airways Turkish Airlines
Etihad Airways

Pakistan International Airlines Check-in

Pakistan International Airlines offers the following options for check-in: at the counter , at the city terminal and web check-in.

Online Check-in

If you are flying from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad cities, check-in on the airline’s website starts 24 hours before the flight and ends 3 hours before the flight.

Click the button below to check in online.


Airport Check-in

At the airport, check-in for domestic flights is possible from four hours to 35 minutes before departure. On international flights, the counters close 45 minutes before take-off. To avoid long waiting times at the airport, PIA passengers can check in at a city counter 72 hours before the start of their journey.

Pakistan International Airlines Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage

Seven kilograms of hand luggage can be carried in Economy Class and twelve kilograms in Business Class. In addition, a small briefcase can be taken in Business Class. A piece of hand luggage may not be larger than 38 x 22 x 55 centimeters. Gases, flammable and explosive materials, poisons, magnets, lighters, corrosive substances and other dangerous objects are prohibited in hand and checked baggage. Sharp and pointed objects are only prohibited in hand baggage.

Checked baggage

On USA and Europe flights, two pieces of baggage weighing a maximum of 23 kilograms can be checked in in Economy Class. On domestic flights, luggage is limited to 20 kilograms in Economy Class, 25 kilograms in Economy Plus Class and 30 kilograms in Business Plus Class in two bags. Fees apply for excess baggage.

Other luggage

A golf set of up to 15 kilograms can be checked in within the free baggage allowance.

Tripuck does not guarantee the correctness and timeliness of the information. Contact your agency or airline for actual luggage information

Pakistan International Airlines Seat Selection

Pakistan International Airlines does not provide any information about the allocation and reservation options for standard and XL seats. Customers can find news in this regard on the airline’s website.

Pakistan International Airlines Knee Distance

Because of the airlines who want to reduce the cost of flying more passengers, knee distance is very important especially on long haul flights. The front seats and emergency exit seats are the seats with the highest knee distance. It is generally sold for a fee.

PIA Awards Plus Frequent Flyer Program

In order to reward its most loyal travelers, Pakistan International Airlines has set up the “Awards Plus” loyalty program. This allows members to accumulate miles for each flight on the company, which can then be exchanged for free flights or benefits. Three membership levels exist, each giving entitlement to various benefits such as additional baggage or access to business lounges.

Pakistan International Airlines Food & Beverage

Detailed information about airline’s paid and free catering services will be updated on this page soon.

Pakistan International Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Especially in long distances, Pakistan International Airlines offers in-flight entertainment, so you can enjoy your flight without getting bored.

The airline offers you movies, music, TV shows and more entertainment options that will allow you to travel without getting bored.


Pakistan International Airlines travelers have not yet been able to check emails or surf the Internet during the flight. It is currently unknown whether the airline will offer this service in the future.

Pakistan International Airlines Pet Policy

Who wants to leave your best friend at home? On this page you will find the rules of traveling with your pet during your flight with Pakistan International Airlines.

Please be sure to check with the airline before you travel, as the rules for transporting pets vary according to the airline.

Pakistan International Airlines Lounge

The lounges are indispensable especially for business class passengers. What facilities does it offer? Here you will find detailed information about Pakistan International Airlines lounges for a comfortable start to your trip.

Pakistan International Airlines
IATA ICAO Callsign

Owner: State Owned
Frequent Flyer Program: PIA Awards Plus
Company slogan: Great People to Fly With

Number of Aircraft: 32
Destinations:  45
Average Age of Aircraft: 13.3
Type of Aircraft: ATR, Airbus, Boeing
Detail of Fleet: ATR 42, ATR 72, Airbus A320-200, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-300

Head Office: PIA Head Office, Old Airport, Terminal 1, Karachi, 75200, Pakistan
Phone Number: +92 21 111 786 786
Fax Number: +92 21 992 421 65
E-mail: [email protected]

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