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Batik Air About Batik Air

Batik Air is a private airline under the auspices of the Lion Air Group. This airline has been established since 2013 by Rusdi Kirana, with the inaugural flight from Jakarta to Manado on May 3, 2013. Batik Air boasts its full services to accommodate the large number of Lion Air bookings, so passengers can experience a more comfortable flight.

On June 16, 2016, Batik Air was removed from the European Union’s blacklist. In November 2016, the Indonesian company is certified IOSA. It is therefore now authorized to serve the European territory. In 2017, Batik Air launched internationally with connections to Perth in Australia and Chennai and India. The Indonesian airline became an IATA member in 2018.

The identity of Batik Air is known by the purple color and the batik motif on each of its aircraft. The hostess also wore a uniform in the form of a kebaya combined with purple batik cloth. Batik Air always prioritizes the punctuality of its flights. This has also led Batik Air to achieve “On Time Performance (OTP)” several times, even during the 2018 Lebaran homecoming season.

Batik Air Hub Airports

Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport (CGK / WIII)

Batik Air Classes of Service

Batik Air provides an air experience with two flight classes, namely economy class and business class. Each flight class has its own advantages.

Economy class

For economy class, the facilities provided include loose seat space, with seats covering 32 “pitch. That way economy class passengers will feel at home sitting for a long time or resting while on the plane. Economy class passengers of Batik Air will not feel bored during the trip because the seats are equipped with entertainment facilities in the form of access to listening to music, watching movies, and playing games. Not to forget, economy class passengers can also order food while traveling there. A USB port is also available for each passenger on the plane. They can also pass the time with Batikmag , the in-flight magazine of Batik Air .

Business Class

Business Class passengers have seats with a pitch of 45 °, high standard meals and on-board entertainment with music, games and movies.

In 2019, Batik Air operates flights to India, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It offers 59 destinations in Indonesia and the rest of the world with nearly 300 flights per day.

The airline has a codeshare agreement with the following airlines.

Malindo Air

Batik Air Check-in

For the provisions of this check-in, Batik Air provides wide flexibility for its passengers. Batik Air provides access to airport check-in, web check-in, and mobile check-in. A number of options are provided in order to provide comfort and suit the needs of passengers.

Online Check-in

Mobile Check-in: The check-in process which takes a lot of time at the airport can be dealt with by checking in via a smartphone. The mobile check-in facility of this smartphone can be accessed via iOS and Android by downloading the Batik Air application first. Batik Air mobile check-in provision is between 24 hours and 4 hours before departure time. Apart from check-in, the Batik Air application also provides information on checking and selecting seats, flight status, departure and arrival times, and baggage status.

Web Check-in: Batik Air web check-in can be done by accessing the Batik Air check-in feature on the airline’s official website. On this page, you must enter a confirmation code (the code listed on the e-ticket purchased directly from the Batik Air website) and the last name of the ticket buyer. After clicking ‘Search’, you will get additional facility service information. If you don’t need these facilities, just press ‘No, Continue to Check-in’ to go to the next page. On this page, you will find flight details, such as time of departure, flight number and estimated time of arrival at the destination airport. You can select your seat by clicking ‘Select Seats’ then clicking ‘Return’ to return to the check-in menu. Complete the check-in process by clicking ‘Check-in’. In the final step, you will be given the option to print your boarding pass or receive a PDF file to an email address. Make sure you do web check-in according to the provisions of Batik Air.

Click the button below to check in online.


Airport Check-in

To check-in at the airport counter, you have 30 minutes before the departure time for domestic flights, and 45 minutes before the departure time for international flights. You can visit Batik Air check-in counters at the airport from 2 hours before departure time.

Batik Air Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage

Each economy and business class Batik Air passenger is allowed to carry one 1 piece of cabin luggage and 1 laptop bag or 1 handbag. The size of luggage should not exceed 40 x 30 x 20 cm and weigh no more than 7 kg.

Checked baggage

The amount of checked baggage you can collect for free will vary according to class of travel and ticket terms and conditions. For most destinations, your free checked baggage allowance is determined by weight (Weight System). And the weight of one suitcase is not more than 30 kg

Domestic & International Flights:
Business Class – 30 kg
Economy Class – 20 kg

Other luggage

Please contact the airline for information about your ski, snowboard, musical instruments and similar luggage.

Tripuck does not guarantee the correctness and timeliness of the information. Contact your agency or airline for actual luggage information

Batik Air Seat Selection

To make a comfortable trip with Batik Air, you must choose the right seat. In general, if you want to travel in a good seat, you should choose your seat in advance and disregard some extra fees if necessary.

Batik Air Knee Distance

Because of the airlines who want to reduce the cost of flying more passengers, knee distance is very important especially on long haul flights. The front seats and emergency exit seats are the seats with the highest knee distance. It is generally sold for a fee.

Batik Miles Frequent Flyer Program

Batik Air has an airline loyalty program called Batik Miles. As the name implies, Batik Miles members can collect points in the form of miles. There are two types of membership, namely Batik Silver and Batik Gold. For Batik Silver members, points from flights can be exchanged for tickets, class upgrades, and luggage tags. Meanwhile, Batik Gold members can get additional benefits such as 10 kg extra baggage for free, priority boarding, and seat selection.

Batik Air Food & Beverage

Economy class

Every Economy class passenger on a Batik Air flight will get a meal. For short flights, you can enjoy snacks and mineral water. As for long flights, you will get a full meal menu. If you want to enjoy a full meal menu on a short flight, you can buy it when you book a ticket or on a flight with the assistance of a flight attendant.

Business Class

Each Business class passenger will also receive a meal. The difference is, the food menu in Batik Air Business class is more complete. You will get appetizers, main menus, side dishes, and drinks such as tea, coffee and juice for free. Most of the menus served are Indonesian specialties as part of promoting Indonesian specialties.

Batik Air Inflight Entertainment

You may find boredom when flying by plane. Because, in general, traveling by plane will take a long time. Sitting for hours without doing anything is a condition often encountered during airplane travel. Especially if you don’t use sleep during your trip. Therefore, Batik Air accommodates this need by providing access to entertainment ( in flight entertainment). Starting from access to listening to music, watching movies, to playing games. A wide selection of the latest movies, music and games will accompany you throughout your flight. With this facility, you can enjoy and access in-flight entertainment freely. Besides being able to get rid of boredom and boredom, this access to entertainment can get rid of your fears, who may be new or rarely travel by plane. Besides that, Batik Air also provides a USB socket for you to charge your electronic goods.

Batik Air Pet Policy

Who wants to leave your best friend at home? On this page you will find the rules of traveling with your pet during your flight with Batik Air.

Please be sure to check with the airline before you travel, as the rules for transporting pets vary according to the airline.

Batik Air Lounge

Waiting is not always fun. This also applies when you have to wait for the flight to take place. Imagine, every prospective passenger is required to come to the airport about one hour before the flight. For this reason, Batik Air provides special services for you business class passengers. Here, you will be able to sit and sit in full comfort. Rest before your flight at the Batik Air Business Class Lounge which is located only at the Boarding Lounge of Soekarno Hatta Airport Terminal 1C and Halim Perdanakusuma Airport.

Batik Air
IATA ICAO Callsign

Owner: Lion Air Group
Frequent Flyer Program: Batik Miles
Company slogan: Journey Begins

Number of Aircraft: 67
Destinations:  59
Average Age of Aircraft: 4.6
Type of Aircraft: Airbus, Boeing
Detail of Fleet: Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320neo, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900

Head Office: Jl. Sangaji No. 17 Jakarta Pusat Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone Number: +6221 6379 8000
Fax Number: +6221 6335 669

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