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About Atlasglobal

The Turkish airline AtlasGlobal operates from the main hub in Istanbul. The airline offers scheduled and charter flights to Iran, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Iraq and Serbia, as well as domestic flights.The majority shareholder of the airline is the Turkish tourism group ETS. This is a great advantage, especially for holidaymakers, to organize the transport from the destination airport directly through the provider. The comfort of passengers is at the forefront of Atlasjet. For low-cost flights within Turkey, guests can check-in online and save money on the long waiting times at the airport. The airline has an extensive fleet. The airplanes are equipped with a business and economy class, which will vary the rates when booking flights. In order to save a little money, you should look at the categories of the passengers. Children up to 20 years can get a discount of up to 25% at Atlasglobal.

The airline was founded in 2001 under the name of Atlasjet , but has operated since 2015 under the name AtlasGlobal.

Atlasglobal Check-in

Online Check-in

Atlasglobal offers its online check-in directly on the company’s website

Check-in start time

Starting from 48 hours before the flight and continues until 90 minutes prior the scheduled flight.

Click the button below to check in online.


Airport Check-in

To check in at the airport, check the closing times of the check-in counter on the Atlasglobal website. If you are not at the airport in time, you will not be able to board the plane and you will lose all your rights on the purchased flight ticket.

Atlasglobal Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage

The traveler’s hand bag must not be larger than 25 x 45 x 56 centimeters and not more than eight kilograms. In the hand luggage, liquids can be transported, but these can only be stored in containers which hold a maximum of 100 milliliters. These containers must be transported in a resealable plastic bag.

Checked baggage

Each checked bag must not be heavier than 32 kilograms and must not contain oils, tomato pastes or similar liquids. It is also forbidden to transport acetone and aftershave in the checked baggage. In the EkonomiPlus class, 20 kilograms of baggage may be given, except on flights to Sulaymaniyah, Tbilisi, Nizhnekamsk, Arbil, Jeddah and Tehran, then 30 kilograms. On flights to Simferopol and London (Luton), 25 kilograms may be carried. Business Class is allowed to carry 40 kilograms, except on flights to Simferopol and London (Luton), it is 35 kilograms and 30 kilograms on flights to Ercan or on domestic flights. Owners of the Jetmil Elite Card are permitted to carry ten kilos of luggage extra. Toddlers are allowed to give up ten kilograms of luggage on all flights.

Other luggage

Smaller instruments which do not violate the dimensions of the hand luggage and can be carried on board.For large musical instruments, which weigh no more than 75 kilograms, an extra seat can be booked.Atlasjet can not transport contrabasses, because the cabin is not high enough.

Tripuck does not guarantee the correctness and timeliness of the information. Contact your agency or airline for actual luggage information

Atlasglobal Seat Selection

To make a comfortable trip with Atlasglobal, you must choose the right seat. In general, if you want to travel in a good seat, you should choose your seat in advance and disregard some extra fees if necessary.

Atlasglobal Knee Distance

Because of the airlines who want to reduce the cost of flying more passengers, knee distance is very important especially on long haul flights. The front seats and emergency exit seats are the seats with the highest knee distance. It is generally sold for a fee.

Atlasmiles Frequent Flyer Program

Atlasglobal’s versatile Atlasmil program

The high level of customer friendliness, for which Atlasglobal is known, is also reflected in the flexibility of the bonus program Jetmil . This can be completed free of charge and without preconditions by any interested customer in one of the four variants. The Base Membership allows you to make miles of Atlasjet and partners on the ground, and to redeem miles against freefall and over-luggage. Anyone who spends enough miles a year is included in the elite program and can look forward to numerous bonuses for himself and his companion. These include 10 kg of luggage, a special booking bookline or seats in the first row. Children can participate in the Jetmil Junior Club if their parents are basic or elite members. Children will also receive preferential treatment and gifts on board. In order to receive quicker miles, all family members can register for a common account.

Partner of the frequent flyer program and business customers

Similar to the family card, managing directors and business owners can register their company in a member account and collect miles on it for all flights booked through them. The company program is called Jetis and would like to appeal to all Turkish companies. Atlasglobal has numerous partners: shops in Turkish airports, hotels and a car rental company, where members of Jetmil can collect miles.

The mile earning information table is below .






Y, B, S,W

H, K, L

M, T, V

X, U, O

C, J, D



900 miles

750 miles

500 miles

250 miles

1250 miles







* The values are valid for one way

Atlasglobal Food & Beverage

Detailed information about airline’s paid and free catering services will be updated on this page soon.

Atlasglobal Inflight Entertainment

Especially in long distances, Atlasglobal offers in-flight entertainment, so you can enjoy your flight without getting bored.

The airline offers you movies, music, TV shows and more entertainment options that will allow you to travel without getting bored.

Atlasglobal Pet Policy

Who wants to leave your best friend at home? On this page you will find the rules of traveling with your pet during your flight with Atlasglobal.

Please be sure to check with the airline before you travel, as the rules for transporting pets vary according to the airline.

Atlasglobal Lounge

The lounges are indispensable especially for business class passengers. What facilities does it offer? Here you will find detailed information about Atlasglobal lounges for a comfortable start to your trip.



  • Founded: 2001
  • Country:Turkey
  • Hubs: IST
  • Owner: Ali Murat Ersoy
  • Alliance: None
  • Frequent Flyer Program: Atlasmiles
  • Company slogan: A World Beyond Dreams


  • Number of Aircraft: 18
  • Destinations:  24
  • Average Age of Aircraft:
  • Type of Aircraft:
  • Detail of Fleet:


  • Head Office:
  • Phone Number:
  • Fax Number:
  • E-mail: 

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