• Founded in 1923
  • Airport Location: Russia
  • Owner: Russian Federation (51%), employees and other persons (49%)
  • Number of targets: 129
  • Objectives: 25 targets in Russia and 7 in the CIS countries, 56 international
  • Member of an alliance: SkyTeam
  • Frequent Flyer Program : Aeroflot Bonus
  • Aircraft Types: Airbus A319 / A320 / A321 / A330-200, Boeing B767-36, 777-300ER, Sukhoi Superjet
  • Average age aircraft:-
  • Number of aircraft: 191
  • Aircraft manufacturer with which the airline Aeroflot co-operates: Airbus , Boeing , UAC


Aeroflot - Russian Airlines has long been considered one of the largest airlines in the world. At the time of the former Soviet Union the fleet counted up to 10,000 aircraft. With the collapse of the country in 1991, the Aeroflot had to rearrange itself . Founded on March 8, 1923, 15 aircraft were purchased for the first fleet, while the first flight from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod. Today, the airline connects Moscow to more than 130 cities and 50 countries. These include, for example, Stockholm, Madrid, Hamburg, Cairo or Houston. Aeroflot continued expanding its network by launching five new scheduled routes, including four international (from Moscow to Alicante, Valencia, and Lyon, and from Kazan to Frankfurt) and one domestic (from Moscow to Syktyvkar).

Since 1991, Aeroflot - Russian International Airlines is a stock company. The founder, the Government of the Russian Federation, owns 51% of the shares, the remaining 49% belong to Aeroflot employees and other legal entities. The airline employs approximately 15,000 people, including 2,000 pilots. In addition to ensuring flight safety, the airline's objectives are to increase service quality on the ground and in the air as well as to strengthen its financial position on domestic and foreign aviation markets. The Aeroflot has been a member of the SkyTeam since 2006.  29.0 million passengers carried by Aeroflot airline in 2016.


Aeroflot offers its online check-in directly on the company's website

Check-in start time
Starting from 24 hours before the flight and continues until  45 minutes prior the scheduled flight.


Aeroflot Bonus is the Frequent flyer program from Aeroflot, which gives its members numerous privileges. Aeroflot can be used to collect bonus points and / or miles, and then benefit from numerous advantages, such as discounts that save costs. The program cooperates with numerous partners, Aeroflot. This includes all Sky team members.

Benefit from different status benefits
As a member of Aeroflot Bonus you will not be treated equally. The privileges you get are closely linked to the status you are a member of. A distinction is made between silver and gold status. To become a Silver member you need 25,000 miles per year or you must have booked at least 25 flights. As a gold member, at least 50,000 miles must be collected or 50 flights booked. As a gold member, you benefit from the full range of services the program has to offer, such as free access to the 400 Skyteam lounges.

The mile earning information table is below .
ClassTotal number of miles in %
FlexCF, DF, JF250%
IF, ZF200%
ClassicCC, DC, JC200%
IC, ZC150%
FlexAF, SF, WF200%
ClassicAC, SC, WC150%
FlexBF, HF, KF, LF, MF, UF, YF200%
EF, NF, QF, TF150%
ClassicBC, HC, KC, LC, MC, UC, YC150%
EC, NC, QC, TC100%
SaverBV, HV, KV, LV, MV, UV, YV125%
EV, NV, QV, TV75%
PromoPS, RS25%


Carry-on baggage

In the hand luggage belong various travel tools, which can be taken on board. As an addition to the permitted hand luggage it is possible to take a handbag, a photo camera, a plastic bag as well as a laptop on board. The size of the hand luggage must not exceed 55 х 40 х 20 cm in all booking classes. This applies to all connections, both nationally and internationally. The weight in the First and Busines Class can have a maximum weight of 15 kg and in Economy Class a total of 10 kg.

Checked baggage

In the baggage to be checked, the main travel items such as clothing and liquids as well as pointed objects, which can not be taken into the cabin. At Aeroflot the free baggage limit as well as the weight is very dependent on the booking class, also the flight destination plays a role. In economy class, as a non-mile program member, a piece of luggage up to max. 23 kg and 158 cm total dimensions. As a member of the Mileage Program, you can carry two pieces of luggage with the same weight limit or dimensions in economy class. As well as passengers of the booking classes Premium Economy and Comfort. In business class there are also two pieces of luggage. Here the weight is 32 kg per piece of luggage and a total of also 158 cm.

Other luggage

For ski equipment, bicycles and golf equipment the size does not matter, as long as the luggage does not exceed the free baggage limit. Otherwise fees will be due. The same applies to other sports equipment and musical instruments. Baby carriages can be taken on board free of charge as a bed for infants.

Note: Tripuck does not guarantee the correctness and timeliness of the information. Contact your agency  or airline for actual luggage information